If you are a Windows 10 user, sometimes you may want to enlarge your desktop icons so that it would be easier to see and recognize, or you may want to scale the icons down so you can save the space of you desktop. For whatever reason, you may need a feature of changeable icon size on Windows 10. Luckily, Microsoft has already built this feature in Windows, and it is very easy to use on Windows 10.

On Windows 10, there are three ways to change the size of icons, and they are respectively applied to:

Desktop icons,
Icons in File Explorer, and
All icons.

Here is how to apply these size changes.

1) Change the size of desktop icons

a) Right-click on any empty space of the desktop to open desktop context menu.

b) Move your mouse cursor to View. On the View menu showing up, you can see there are three types of size. You can select any them to change desktop icons to its corresponding size.

c) You can also use shortcut as an alternative. Hold Ctrl key and scroll up or down your mouse scroll wheel to scale up or down the desktop icons.

2) Change the size of icons in File Explorer

a) Right-click on any empty space inside File Explorer.

b) Move your mouse cursor to View, and select any type of size on the view menu to change icons to its corresponding size.

c) You can also scale these icons by holding Ctrl key and scrolling your mouse wheel at the same time.

3) Change the size of all icons

* This change is not only applied to icons but to almost all text and items on your computer.

a) Right-click on any empty space of the desktop and select Display settings.

b) On Display settings window, click on the drop-down menu under Change the size of text, apps, and other items. You can choose the number you want to change the size to.

c) If you don’t like the number the system set for you, you can name your own by clicking on Custom scaling below that drop-down menu and applying the number (between 100 and 500) you want.

d) You may restart your system to apply full scaling changes.

e) You can see that not only the desktop icons but also the Taskbar ones are changed. All items on your windows becomes larger.

Note: Due to some display drivers issues, sometimes the size of items on your Windows would become abnormal and changing size only may not be a proper solution. In this case, you need to replace the problematic driver with the latest one. The method we recommend to scan out problematic driver, which is also the easiest and fastest one, is to use Driver Easy.

Its free version can help you easily find the drivers that are causing trouble. With a single click on the button Scan Now, all the drivers with problem will be displayed quickly and you can download and install these drivers manually.

Moreover, if you choose the Pro version of Driver Easy, the whole update process will be done automatically with just a few clicks. Plus, you will acquire all its advanced features and our experienced technical support that help you tackle all kinds of driver issues and keep your computer healthy. For you, this is the best chance to get rid of annoying driver trouble.

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