How to Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily

By Camilla Mo in Technical Tips

Antivirus software might be the reason why you cannot install the program successfully, such as drivers, video program and some other important applications. They might not recognize the software. So when you cannot install the software, you can try disabling the antivirus software temporarily.  If you are using Avast Antivirus, you can follow these steps to disable it temporarily.


Step 1:

Click the small triangle on your Windows taskbar to open the notification area. Right-click the Avast Antivirus icon for a list of options related to the security suite.

Step 2:

Click Avast shields control. You can select the option depending on how long you wish to disable Avast Antivirus.


Step 3:

After selecting the option, you will be prompted to confirm the operation. Click Yes to make a confirmation.


  • José Felgueiras

    Avast kept sending to quarentine a simple and harmless, even after I had excluded it.
    Thanks for this tutorial.

  • Sthembile Davids

    thank you so very much


    thank you

  • chris pilone

    I paid for this Avast Antivirus and is just terrible. Will not allow me to download TrainingPeaks WKO because of possible virus. Training Peaks is used by hundreds of thousands of athletes and coaches around the world and is safe.

    I have spent two days on this and no closer to solution. Avast just a terrible product and cannot believe I paid for it.

    • Hunter zone

      you can easily exclude it

  • christian

    I want to close it not disable it

  • Jessica Eriksson

    I can’t press Yes??!! Feels like my computer is infected with avast!

  • Muhammed Ziyad Ali

    Thank U a lot, It was very useful!

  • Maahi Sabnani

    Thank you really thank you helped me

  • Deborah

    None of these options fixed the problem

  • Ikelos286

    so if this worked then should i end it permanently?
    its gone down from 100% to 4~10% now

  • Jerry T.

    This was very helpful when I needed it most. Thanks.

  • Dominic Moriarty

    Having problems with Avast blocking a trusted site(problem only started today). How do I allow this site through ?

    • Hunter zone


  • Mrs Shirley Moscrop

    Will you please close my account please

    • Gautam Garg

      ya sure y not………