You may encounter an error when you try to start up League of Legends (LoL). The error tells you “ Patcher Kernel has stopped working” and stops the program. In fact, it is an error that lots of people have come across.

Frustrating as it is, there are still some solutions to this error. You can try them one by one and see if any of them can fix your problem.

1) Run your game as administrator

2) Close the program with Task Manager and reopen it

3) Remove some patch files of LoL

1) Run your game as administrator

This is the simplest yet most effective method for many people! It is strongly recommended that you have a try of it before anything else.

Just right-click on the League of Legends execution file (or its shortcut) and select Run as administrator.

That’s it! Now see if you can enter your game as you did before.

2) Close the program with Task Manager and reopen it

Sometimes you will need to completely close down your game and reopen it when you meet this error. To do this, perform the steps below.

a) Right click on taskbar, and select Task Manager.

b) In Task Manager, go to Processes tab. Find all the processes related to LoL, including League of Legends Client (LoLClient.exe), Riot Client Patcher (LoLLauncher.exe), and LoLPatcher.exe. Right click on each of them and select End task to end these processes.

c) Reopen your game and see if the problem resolves.

3) Remove some patch files of LoL

If you meet Patcher Kernel has stopped working error, you can remove some files of your game patch to solve the problem. This sometimes can be a good fix. 

a) Open File Explorer and navigate to where you have put your game. Then go to RADS folder.

b) Open projects, lol_air_client, releases, and the latest folder inside releases. Delete the files called “releasemanifest” and “S_OK“.

c) Then open deploy folder, and delete the files with the names of “logs“, “META-INF“, “” and “LoLClient.exe“.

d) Try starting your game. If this method works, it will take some time for the program to re-patch the recent patch.

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