If you get the “The parameter is incorrect” error on your Windows computer, you are not alone. Many people are reporting that it occurs when they try to access their external hard drive or USB flash drive.

This is an annoying issue. You can’t reach the data on your device. And you may lose your data because of the error.

But don’t worry. It is possible to fix the error. Here are two fixes you can try:

Method 1: Run Check Disk
Method 2: Perform data recovery

Method 1: Run Check Disk

The error may result from corruption issues on your device. You can run Check Disk to check and fix these issues. To do so:

1) Click the Start button. Then type “cmd“. When you see Command Prompt appear in the list of results, right click it and select Run as administrator.

2) Type “chkdsk E: /f /r” and press Enter on your keyboard.

NOTE: You should replace “E” with the drive letter of your device.

3) Wait for the process to complete.

4) Restart your computer and reconnect your device. Then check to see if the error disappears.

Method 2: Perform data recovery

If the method above cannot help you, you should find a third-party data recovery program to recover your data. They can help you fix the error by recovering the data and reformatting the device. You should be extra careful about the program you use — It should be reliable and powerful, or your data will suffer from more serious damage.

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