Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working [Solved]

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logitech mouse not working
Fix Logitech mouse not working

If your Logitech Wireless Mouse suddenly stops workinge specially if you are using desktop PC without touchpad, it can be very frustrating. But don’t worry. You can fix the problem by following the instructions in this post.

There are five methods to fix the problem. You may not have to try them all. Just work your way down at the top of the list until you find the one that works for you.

Method 1: Remove the unifying receiver and batteries for 5 seconds
Method 2: Check if there is problem with the mouse driver
Method 3: Change USB port
Method 4: Replace the batteries
Method 5: Try using the mouse on a different surface
Method 6: Try the mouse on a different computer

Method 1: Remove the unifying receiver and batteries for 5 seconds

This should be the first thing you try when your Logitech wireless mouse stops working, as this is easy to do and always works. This is to let the device understand the depth of the situation. The removing and then re-inserting the device would only act as a much needed restart to the device.

Method 2: Check if there is problem with the mouse driver

If there is problem with the mouse driver, the mouse won’t work properly. You can check for the driver status in Device Manager.

If you are not sure how to go to Device Manager, the steps below may help. Since the mouse doesn’t work, use your keyboard instead.

1) Press Win+R (Windows logo key and R key) to invoke the run command.

2) Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter key. Then the Device Manager window will pop up.


3) Press Tab key to go to the device list and use the arrow key to locate category Mice and other pointing devices.  Press Alt + right arrow keys together to expand the category (If you want to close the category, press  Alt + left arrow keys.).  You will see Logitech mouse under this category. If you see there is a yellow mark next to the device, there is problem with the driver.

In this case, use arrow key to locate the Logitech mouse device, then press Shift + F10 keys  to open context menu. Select Uninstall, then reboot the system. After reboot finishes, Windows will detect the mouse automatically.


If your mouse occasionally works, you can use Driver Easy to update drivers in your computer. 

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake when installing.

You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks (and you get full support and a 30-day money back guarantee):

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click Scan Now. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

3) Click the Update button next to a flagged mouse driver to automatically download and install the correct version of this driver (you can do this with the FREE version). Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system (this requires the Pro version – you’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All).

Method 3: Change USB port

The problem caused might be due to broken USB port issue. Plug the USB unifying receiver into another USB port to see if the problem resolves.

Method 4: Replace the batteries

The wireless mouse relies on AA alkaline batteries for power. Remove the batteries, and then inset them again. If the problem persists, replace the batteries.

Method 5: Try using the mouse on a different surface

Electrical items and metal items may interfere with the signal of the mouse. Keep the mouse and the receiver away from the electrical items such as cordless or cellular telephones or other wireless mouse devices or receivers. Do not put the mouse or the receiver on metal surface or objects, especially long metal rails or cables.

Method 6: Try the mouse on a different computer

Try the mouse on a different computer. This will help determine if the mouse is dead.  If the mouse works on another computer, the device is working properly. If the device does not work on another computer and you have tried all steps in this article, you can consider replacing the mouse. 

  • Simon kang

    What can I do when a receiver gets wet?

  • Pamela Gash Lanting Kidney

    i plugged in my mouse in 2 different laptops and the logitec trac ball mouse works but when i plug the mouse into the laptop it works until i get to the desk top. can u help me

  • Elizabeth V

    I’m experiencing this issue with my Logitech mouse.
    What’s got it working right now was switching the receiver to a different USB slot, but I guarantee it’ll stop working again shortly. I don’t know why, but it works for a minute or two then stops.
    RIP mouse 🙁

    • Elizabeth V

      Yep, it worked for 4 minutes then stopped. I’ve now identified that when I disconnect and reconnect the USB receiver (into the same slot this time), I get about 3 minutes of the mouse working fine, then it stops.
      Why is that?

  • Deepak

    WOW!!! old post, for those still running XP like me

    Encountered same issue, when xp installs device it puts it as (HID-Compliant device) change the driver to HID-Compliant mouse.

    – open Device Manager
    – expand Human Interface Device
    – Now plug in mouse
    – Now pick the right HID(there might be more then one) and update the driver

    When updating pick advanced / Don’t search. There you will see mouse driver

    Hope this works for you

  • Steven Rosen

    The Logitech wireless mouse was not communicating with my chromebook. After removing the plug in usb receiver it still would not communicate, After replacing the battery it also would not communicate. When I removed the battery and disconnected the receiver at the same time for about 1 minute (first suggestion) it started working again.

  • Cynthia Phillips

    I have Logitech 325. While my computer was being fixed I turned off mouse. When I turned it back on it didn’t immediately work so I replaced battery, according to the + and – signs. 3batteries later much screaming and realizing the battery didn’t look right, I turned it around. The markings on the mouse are wrong.

  • Samuel Bishop

    Thank you so much. The 2nd option was my problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled and itt now works. thank you so much.

  • bobvic96

    I have a Mac Pro and recently installed a K850 and K720 keyboard mouse combo using bluetooth. Initially everything was fine but the next day the mouse started stuttering and shooting off on its own. After a lot of messing about and trying different options I installed the unifying receiver (dongle) directly into the Mac Pro rather than into a USB port on the back of one of my two monitors.

    Everything seemed fine for a few hours and then I had the same problem with the mouse. On the point of giving up, I remembered the receiver extension cable. I installed this and placed the dongle close to my keyboard and mouse and that appears to have completely solved the problem.

    I think the monitor being between the keyboard / mouse and the dongle in the Mac Pro was causing the problems.

  • Monty Woods

    My Logitech Unifying receiver w/ MK270 KB/mouse combo will NOT connect to my BeagleBone Black. sbc! I don’t have wired mouse/keybd to test but without a kb or mouse I have no way to see beyond the oming thru HDMI port. But it works on an old Dell 9200 Inspiron laptop running Fedora 25 and newer HP Pavilion laptop (5 yr old) and new July 2017 HP Pavilion(laptop) running Win 8 & Win10 respectively and Fedora 25. Can I use SSH/Putty program and take over the BBB to see if lsusb command shows any connection of Uni.Rcvr to the BBB OS or look at dmesg to see if logitech was detected by BBB?

  • Robert A

    I love my M310. Great fit for my hand and very responsive. I think it’s my favorite mouse ever. However, every once in a while, when i click the right button, it will just lock up completely. I then have to remove the battery for a few seconds to fix it. It’s rare enough to only be a small annoyance and it only happens on right-click. It’s strange.

  • caebc

    the mouse M170 spend quickly the batteries. Its horrible.

  • I buy a new wirless contro “R-horse FC-8033” keyboard and mouse my computer detected it correcty the keyboard and the mouse working but the opi key of the mouse didnt work and the wheel too . i thing my problem is in the drivers maybe ps/2 port didnt work on windows 8.1 .some one help

  • WRgirl

    Thank you so much

  • Leth Baumann

    I have this problem with nearly ever single Logitech mouse I’ve ever owned across multiple computers. I always have to pull battery out and put back in over and over (new battery). It gets annoying. Currently using a M185 and also have 3 other models. 2 of the other 3 also do it and the 3rd one has wheel issues.

    • Kiera

      Same! Last logitech mouse I’ll ever get! They have a lifespan of a few months at best.

      • Samuel Bishop

        I have had my logitech mouse for at least two years and I just had my first problem that I had to search for an answer for.

  • Cy Cortex

    the first one did it! many thanks

  • joyg “Sunshine” McCabe

    Hey…thanks so much…the first recommendation worked!

  • Netheremo Skies

    And right now i have it plugged in and im thinking that it works so when i control it i feel sad that it really doesn’t

  • Netheremo Skies

    i agree with FinalFantasyForever i have that problem. So when i put my reciver into my mac at first and put it back in my windows the connection started to disconnect on my windows PLS help.

  • Cheers. #1 works!

  • FinalFantasyForever

    Ok, so if the mouse is working on another pc, but not the other it has also worked on then what?

  • Rita Ihly

    Grateful thanks! 89 year old here, had to drill through a lot of research. Right button on mouse did not work on laptop, yet functioned well on desktop. ???? Easily resolved when I followed your suggestion to use a different USB port. Works fine!! Now why didn’t I think of that?

  • Mebrahtu

    My wireless Logitech M175 stopped working after a magnesium chloride saline solution was poured at its basal part accidentally. Is there a way to fix it or it is permanently damaged.

  • Eli

    My mouse will click on things and scroll up and down but will not move, any help on this?

    • Ricky

      I have the same problem! Please answer someone. The mouse buttons and scroll wheel work. But the cursor will not move! It is a logitech m185 wireless mouse.

      • Adele Steele

        I had the same problem, all I would say is try a different mouse mat (sounds odd I know), but there may be microscopic particles (food, water etc) in the mouse mat that you may not be able to see, but these may ‘grate’ with the mouse thus make movement of the mouse erratic or non-existant.

    • Andrea Martin

      My mouse was jumping all over. A drugstore computer tech looked at it, used tweezers to pull a hair out of the little black circle hole on the back of the mouse, and it works like a charm now. The tech said dust, hair, anything blocking or interfering with that little space on the back can cause big problems so just keep it clean. Hope this will help any of you with a Logitech Mouse. Andrea

  • Sue Anderson

    The laser light on my M510 will not come on. The mouse was working perfectly when my desk top computer simply lost power. I turned the mouse off and unplugged the tower and both have been off for 3 weeks. Today, power was restored to the tower, but now the laser light on the mouse is gone. I’ve installed two new fully charged batteries in every direction possible thinking that having them both with the + facing the end of the mouse as indicated on the pop-out strip under them might be the problem. Regardless of the battery position(s), the light still won’t come on. I have no access to a pad, so before following the directions above, need confirmation of the correct battery placement. Any thoughts?

  • Martin

    I have M305, first off, the right click button stoped working, and now mous does not work at all. I tried it in another computer, it installed software from windows automated update system, but still nothing. I changed battery. green led emmits for aprox 5 second, and it seems, that it dosnt undresdand, that I am useing it. Oh wait, now it undresdand it after 2 days without mouse, but right button stil wont react., or react sometimes. Little clik is done, so I asume, that button itself should work.

  • Jodie

    Thank you so much, the first solution worked perfectly.

  • RandyT

    #1 worked for me on Dell Inspiron running windows 10. Had to do it a number of times and reboot twice. Keyboard worked right away after installing Logitech Quick setup. Mouse would run “funny” or not at all. Had to remove USB receiver and batteries from mouse and reboot twice though.

  • Frustrated

    It’s a brand new Logitech trackball, model m570. The scroll wheel would zoom in but it wouldn’t zoom out. So I downloaded and installed their driver, which had no effect. Then I downloaded their “unifying software” and after that, nothing on the mouse will work at all. Returning it to the store and buying a different brand.

  • Guru

    My logitech receiver for mouse and keyboard is not working, not detected by unifying software… plz help…

  • dan

    I didn’t find the logitech hid thing in the mice options
    all this didn’t work 🙁

    • dan

      But replaing/re-inserting the battery works.
      i don’t know how to open it.

  • helend

    Great – I’ve bookmarked your advice! Thank you it all works perfectly now. Your step one advice worked just great.

  • Julie Polwarth

    On my logitech wireless mouse the “arrow” works fine going up and down the screen, but when I try to scroll horizontally it works very very slowly.

    • Ed

      Did you find a solution to your mouse working up and down but not side to side? Mine is doing the same thing.

  • Arsal Puthur

    Thank you very much, the first solution itself is working fine.

  • Jeffery Cleveland

    Stopped using the wireless version went back to the T-8818 plugged directly into the laptop. I have to unplug and replug this over 50 times a day. I love it when it works but is a pain. I have continued using it even though it doesn’t work worth a darn because it is so comfy to use. I hate that this and the other logitech mice I’ve owned (over 6) don’t work any better than this.