Windows 10 has been released for more than one year. It is powerful with new design and new features, but not perfect. When you encounter some issues while using Windows 10, don’t worry, as you can seek help in Windows 10 directly or contact Windows support for assistance. Read on to find how to get help in Windows 10.  There’re 4 ways you can use. You can try from the top and work your way down.

Way 1: Use Windows 10 Contact Support app
Way 2: Use Windows 10 Help page on Microsoft website
Way 3: Contact Windows Support online
Way 4: Contact Windows Support via Twitter

How to Get Help Using Windows 10 Contact Support app

Windows 10 has a Contact Support app which has a built-in contact center. Through this way, you can find a solution to your issue or contact Windows technical support directly. 

Follow these steps to open and use Contact Support

1. Type “Contact Support” in the search box at the bottom right corner of the desktop. Then click Contact Support in the pop-up menu.

2. Type the issue that you have in the box then click Next button. For me, I want to know how to open Device Manager, so I type “how to open device manager”.

3. Choose the product that you are having problem with. In my case, I choose Windows.

Then app will show you the solution to your problem.

If the app failed to show you the solution directly, you can choose to contact Windows tech support for further assistance. As you can see in the above screen shot, 3 contact ways are available: Call me back, Schedule a call and Chat. Please note you may need to wait in a long telephone queue.

If this way does not help, you might want to try below ways to get help for Windows 10.

How to Get Help from Windows 10 Help page on Microsoft website

You can go to Windows 10 Help Page to see if you can find a solution there. Most common issues about Windows 10 can be found here.

How to Get Windows 10 Help using Windows Support online

Microsoft provides contact form on their website. Just click here to go to the contact page. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to find the solution to your problem.

 Contact Windows Support via Twitter

If you have a Twitter account, you can also try contacting Windows Support via Twitter.

Technical Tip:

Windows 10 upgrade or update mostly causes driver problems. If you have met driver problem and want to have it solved quickly, you can use Driver Easy to help you. Driver Easy can scan your computer in several seconds and provide you with new drivers immediately. With the Professional version, to update all drivers, you just need to click your mouse 2 times. Moreover, you will enjoy free technical support guarantee. You can contact our professional support team for further assistance regarding the Windows 10 issue you have met.

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