You suspect your iPhone was infected with virus, right? So you’d like to find a way to remove the virus. The best way to remove virus is use antivirus software  But we’re sorry to tell you that there is no antivirus software released for iOS (see why). However, if you believe your iPhone was infected with virus, you can use other methods to remove the virus.

iPhone almost doesn’t get viruses

iPhone is more difficult to get virus than Android phone due to the sandbox mechanism of Apple. What’s sandbox? Sandbox is designed by Apple to protect the iOS apps. Every iOS app is installed on one sandbox. With sandbox, the apps need to work in their own area. And they can’t go to other apps’ sandbox without permission. In this case, each app won’t disturb each other. This ensures the system safety.

For iPhone, you may know that you only can install apps from Apple Store, and cannot install apps from third-party sources. That is to ensure each app will be installed under the sandbox mechanism. In addition, before uploaded to Apple Store, each app has to pass the strict scrutiny. It’s not possible for virus to bypass the scrutiny. That’s why iPhones won’t get virus easily.

Though a virus is uploaded to Apple Store, they’re not able to infect the iOS system. Virus is a piece of code. It infects the computer and phone by duplicating  the codes and transferring to other apps and files. But in iOS, because of the sandbox mechanism, even though the virus is installed on the phone, they’re not able to transfer their codes to other apps. So they can’t spread the infection.

A few years ago, some antivirus software could still be downloaded from Apple Store. But now, you can’t find any antivirus software on Apple Store. That’s because Apple doesn’t allow antivirus software to be uploaded to Apply Store. Since iPhone almost doesn’t get virus, antivirus won’t provide service to iOS users. Apps that doesn’t offer services are not allowed on the Apple Store.

Does your iPhone really get a virus?

As we mentioned above, it’s not easy for iPhone to get a virus. You may suspect your iPhone get a virus, but that’s probably not true. If you iPhone behaves weirdly, you can contact Apple Support for further check.

When you were browsing the internet, If your phone got pop-ups telling you that your iPhone has been infected with a virus, and you might be asked to click the links to remove the virus. Don’t trust these kind of warnings. In this situation, your iPhone probably doesn’t get a virus.

How to remove a virus from iPhone

If you still believe your iPhone has been infected by a virus, you can perform a factory reset for your iPhone to remove the virus. A factory reset will erase all data on your iPhone including the virus. Before you perform a factory reset, remember to back up your important files and data.

For the steps how to perform a factory reset, you can go to How to Restore iPhone to Factory Settings.

Hopefully you find this article helpful. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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