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Enter VIN to Get NMVTIS Vehicle History Report.

Whether you’re buying or selling a car, getting a decent vehicle history report from NMVTIS can be a crucial step for you to evaluate the pricing and to avoid hidden frauds or risks.

However, NMVTIS doesn’t provide a VIN check channel itself. Instead it enables the access to its database for some approved data providers. Here in the post we introduce you to 3 authentic NMVTIS data providers issuing vehicle reports that’re cost-effective and high-quality. And you may unlock not just the NMVTIS records in the report, but also data from other authorities and industry leaders.

What Data Can You Get from NMVTIS?

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is the official agency recording vehicle titles across the country. It’s like an integrator of vehicle history related information, as the vehicle titles are basically the marks for different vehicle events that cause or eliminate damages and potential driving risks.

So as long as your car was ever on the road and experienced any event like a theft recalla traffic or natural accident, a damage repair, etc. that would leave a branded title, you would find that history documented on NMVTIS.

1. Check VIN on BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a vehicle search service in the data provider list of NMVTIS. Just enter a VIN number and no other verifications needed, you may get an in-depth vehicle history report in seconds. As it can reach many more government and top industry sources than just the NMVTIS, the report contains abundant details in 13 categories.

1. Go to BeenVerified VIN Check page.

2. Enter the VIN number or the license plate and click SEARCH.

3. Wait a few seconds for BeenVerified to prepare the report. Then you may use the navigation bar to reach any detail over the vehicle history you’d like to check like the accidents, recalls ,titles, insurance and warranty and even photos.

2. Search VIN on Bumper

Bumper is another approved NMVTIS data provider that’s well known for its VIN lookup service. It has access to restricted data from official agencies and professional organizations like NHTSA, J.D. Power, DMV and 50+ auto insurance companies. These resources build up its reputation in providing comprehensive details in the report with deep insights in car evaluation and insurance coverage.

1. Go to Bumper VIN Check page.

2. Enter the VIN number or the license plate and click SEARCH.

3. Wait till Bumper generates the report. Now you can explore all the details it digged out for you about this car in the 15 organized aspects. And you may enjoy a discount for a car trade deal or an insurance quote change.

3. Look up VIN with EpicVIN

EpicVIN, one of the official NMVTIS data providers, is a powerful vehicle search engine. It has cooperations with over 70+ databases including authorities like NHTSA, DMV and NICB. With a VIN number, you may uncover all available figures and alerts for the car’s history events. Every detail is clear in charts and diagrams and is possible with photos beside.

1. Go to the VIN Check page of EpicVIN.

2. Enter the VIN number and click Check VIN >.

3. EpicVIN will finish the search in just seconds. Then you can scroll down from the top to view all the details about the vehicle you’re checking, like the ownership historysafety issuesrecallstitlesinsurance and photos. You can also find local similar cars on sale, each with a free EpicVIN report as a bonus.

That’s all you need to get an official NMVTIS vehicle report. We picked out 3 trustworthy data providers for NMVTIS, DMV, NHTSA and many other authorized sources for you to unlock the full vehicle report with just a VIN number: BeenVerified, Bumper and EpicVIN. Hopefully they helped you get the auto info you need already.

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