As cyber security becomes more and more critical, your passwords is one of the most important way to protect your personal information from cyber attack. Keeping all your passwords in mind has been a big challenge. Not to mention the frequency to change your passwords every now and then.

To better avoid security breaches, you should strengthen your passwords by making them unique, strong and unpredictable. With that being said, a random password generator is necessary.

This post introduces this three parts:

  1. What is the random password generator
  2. Is the random password generator secure
  3. How to use a random password generator

1. What is the random password generator

While you’re looking for a good password manager, you may be wondering: what is the random password generator? Why do I need to use it?

A password random generator is a software or program that randomly generates passwords for your account in various software and websites. So it saves your time and patience to manually change your every password from time to time, and you can have the new passwords composed of a string of various letters, numbers, and symbols.

Someone may be wondering: I can change these passwords using these random characters by myself, so why bother? As a matter of fact, you can manually change all your passwords, but it’s sometimes hard to memorize all the complicated passwords, and sometimes you’ll get confused easily by the different passwords.

With the random password generator, you can change your passwords automatically and easily. Sometimes you can even customize your password settings to meet your needs. All you need to do is to remember your password to the password manager.

2. Is the random password generator secure

While choosing a random password manager for yourself, what you most concern is the security problem. It’s never sure whether the company of the password generator will know your new password or not. These companies uses the HTTPS communication protocol that many secure sites do, but it may not be as secure as the bank-level.

So while choosing your password manager or password generator, you should pay attention to the security issue and better choose one with great reputation.

3. How to  use a random password generator

There are various password manager online, and the instructions to use the random password generating feature vary from developers to developers. So we won’t cover all here, and will take Dashlane as an example.

With Dashlane, you’ll log into websites automatically and fill long web forms with a single click.  You’ll only need to remember your Dashlane Master Password and Dashlane does the rest. You’ll never need to remember of type another password again.  Best of all, Dashlane is completely secure and easy to use.

1) Download and install Dashlane in your device (PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices supported).

2) Launch Dashlane, and select your password.

3) Click Tools on the upper left corner, then select Password Generator.

4) Then you’ll be able to customize your new password by selecting the password length, Letters, pronounceable, Use mixed case letters, Digits, Symbols, and Avoid ambiguous characters.

5) Once finish, click Copy password to paste your new password.

That’s it. Hope you can learn something about the Random Password Generator in this post. If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know.

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