You will be very frustrated if there is a red X on the wireless network icon which is located in low-right corner of the desktop. Then you have to stop online job because there is no wireless connection.

To resolve this problem, you can follow tips below:

1. In this case, the wireless radio in your laptop might be turned off. Please look for a hardware switch or special function key to check whether the wireless radio is on.

2. Many factors including physical factors can affect wireless signal strength. So if it is possible for you, move closer to the wireless signal source. Or put your wireless router in a central location in your place.

3. Long time use or weather influence can make the wireless router work in a bad way. Restarting or resetting it might resolve the problem.

4. Right click on the wireless network connections icon and select either “Repair” (Windows XP) or “Diagnose and Repair” (Vista/Windows 7).

5. Driver issues can also cause this problem. You can try to update the driver for the wireless adapter. If you have no idea how to locate find the appropriate driver, you can use DriverEasy to help you.

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