At times, Windows 10 will freeze or hang without exact reasons. This issue has already been acknowledged by Microsoft. There are many work arounds about this problem, in this post, we will be introducing one effective way that has been proved to work by a lot.   1) Go to Control Panel. In the view of Small icon, then choose Power Options 2) Click Change plan settings

3) Then choose Change advanced power settings

4) Scroll down a little bit to locate the PCI Express option. Expand the option, then expand Link State Power Management. Make sure the option in the Setting bar is Off. After that, press Apply button to save the change. 

5) If you see an option with the name Plugged in, make sure the settings here is Off too. Still, after the change, click Apply to save it.  Then click OK to exit.  6) Then go back to Power Options window, and click Choose what the power button does on the left side of the pane.  7) Choose Change settings that are currently unavailable 8) Make sure the Turn on fast startup(recommended) option is off. Then click Save changes to save and exit. 

That’s all. 
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