Some game players and tech savvy would usually connect their computer more than one display, like three displays. But some users reported when connect 3 displays, if Windows 10 is used in one, sometimes it could not work. This error is mostly reported: The display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings. ”  No panic on it any more. This guide is going to tell you how to fix it quickly.

1. Troubleshoot your hardware and devices

2. Update your display driver

Fix ONE: Troubleshoot your hardware and devices


Type Troubleshooting at search box from Start menu.

Then click Troubleshooting Control Panel on the top.


Click View All.


Click Hardware and Devices.


Click Next to start troubleshooting hardware and devices.

Now wait for the troubleshooter detecting problems and follow the on-screen instructions.

After it’s done, check if the error still exists.

Fix TWO: Update your display driver

Some errors occur after upgrading to Windows 10 mostly due to not compatible drivers. The display settings could not be saved error could also due to incorrect display drivers. Thus make sure to update your display drivers.

To update your display drivers, you can download the latest one from your monitor manufacturer’s website. Like many game users may use NVIDIA graphic card, so if you also use one, go to its downloads center  ☞  NVIDIA Download.

But such way asks you to find the correct driver for your device first and download all by yourself. Thus it’s not convenient and really time-consuming. Luckily if you want to save much more time, there’s another choice for you. Driver Easy , a really helpful driver tool, is designed for you to get all latest driver with just one click.

Have a try on its Free Version, it will offer the latest drivers for you to install. But if you upgrade to PRO Version, you can get all your drivers including display driver up-to-date with just one click — Update All.

Get updated drivers so easy and quickly! No worry to try it as you can enjoy 30-day money back and professional tech support anytime guarantee. Why don’t give yourself a chance to  to try on such a charming driver tool? ☞☞ TRY NOW!

Any questions just feel free to leave your comment below, thanks.

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