Steam Store not Loading? Here’s the Fix!

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If you opened Steam only to find Store not loading any more or even going all blank, don’t panic.

Many users have run into this problem too. But luckily they’ve solved this woe with the fixes below. So read on and check them out…

Try these fixes

The screenshots below are from Windows 10, but the fixes also work in Windows 8 and 7. You may not have to try all the fixes; just work your way down until the Steam-Store-not loading problem goes away.

  1. Run flushconfig
  2. Update Steam
  3. Remove Steam compatibility
  4. Run Steam in Big Picture mode
  5. Launch Steam from shortcut
  6. Bonus tip: Update your device drivers

Fix 1: Run flushconfig

By running flushconfig, we can clear download cache and hopefully solve our problem. To do so:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key  and R at the same time. Then copy and paste steam://flushconfig into the box and click OK.

2) Click OK to confirm the flush.

3) Re-launch Steam and see if Store loads properly.

Fix 2: Update Steam

Updating steam is another effective way to fix game bugs. And rest assured all your game data will be safe if done correctly. To do so:

1) On your keyboard, press Ctrl, Shift and Esc at the same time to open Task Manager.

2) Click on Steam Client BootStrapper(32 bit) and then click End task.

3) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key  and R at the same time, then copy & paste C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam into the box and press Enter.


  • Among the folders, delete all EXCEPT SteamappsSteamapps and Skins.
  • Among the files, delete all EXCEPT Steam.exe and Ssfn files (more than one).

5) Launch Steam and it’ll update on itself.

6) Log in Steam and see if Steam store loads fine this time.

Fix 3: Remove Steam compatibility

Compatibility mode is usually not recommended for Steam to function smoothly. So we might have to turn off the mode to see if the Store-not-loading problem gets fixed:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key  and R at the same time, then copy & paste C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam into the box and press Enter.

2) Right-click on Steam.exe and click Properties.

3) Click the Compatibility tab, un-check all the boxes and click Change settings for all users (or Show settings for all users).

4) Un-check all the boxes and click Apply > OK.

5) Run Steam again and check if Steam store opens properly.

Fix 4: Run Steam in Big Picture mode

Running Steam in Big Picture mode is a proven workaround for most users who have had a blank Steam Store problem. To do so:

1) On the bottom-right of your desktop, right-click on Steam Client and click Big Picture.

2) Hopefully your Steam store shows up fine now.

Fix 5: Launch Steam from shortcut

Another useful workaround to this Steam-Store-not-loading problem is to create a Steam shortcut to launch Steam. The original Steam application won’t be touched so you can run Steam from both. To do so:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key  and R at the same time, then copy & paste C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam into the box and press Enter.

2) Locate and right-click on Steam.exe and click Create shortcut.

3) Right-click on Steam – Shortcut and click Properties.

4) Under the Shortcut tab, leave a space at the end of the Target box, then copy and paste -no-cef-sandbox.

Click Apply > OK.

5) Double-click on Steam – Shortcut to launch Steam. Hope Steam store runs properly this time. 

Bonus tip: Update your device drivers

If the problem still lingers on after trying all the fixes above, then chances are you have corrupted/mismatched/missing/outdated drivers on your computer.

Problem drivers may not pose too much of a problem in the early stages, but if mishandled, they might cause much more serious problems. So it’s highly recommended you update your device drivers to keep your computer in tiptop condition.

There’re two ways you can update your device drivers — manually or automatically:

Update your drivers manually – You can update your device drivers manually by going to the manufacturer’s website, and searching for the most recent correct driver for the exact device. Be sure to choose only drivers that are compatible with your variant of Windows system versions.


Update your drivers automatically  – If you don’t have the time, patience or computer skills to update your drivers manually, you can, instead, do it automatically with Driver Easy. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake when installing.

You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks (and you get full support and a 30-day money back guarantee):

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.  

3) You can upgrade to the Pro version and click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of ALL the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system.

You can also click Update to do it for free if you like, but it’s partly manual.

4) Restart your computer and hope your Steam store loads properly now.


That’s it – top 5 tricks for your Steam-store-not-loading problem. Hopefully your Steam Store comes up normally and everything else goes off without a hitch. Feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts or further questions. 🙂

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