Want to be an Uber driver and make money? You might want to know if you qualify to drive with Uber. This article shows you the requirements you’ll need to satisfy in order to become an Uber driver.

Minimum driver requirements for Uber

  1. You must meet the minimum age requirement of your country (21 years of age in many countries).
  2. You must have a valid driver license or documentation to drive in your country.
  3. You must have the required years of driving experience.
  4. You must have a proof of residency in your city or province.
  5. You must have a driver profile photo.
  6. You may need to provide your passport or birth certificate.
  7. You must provide other documents that are required depending on the city you are based.

Vehicle requirements for Uber

  1. Your vehicle should be a newer model.
  2. (In the US), you should use an eligible 4-door vehicle.
  3. You may need to provide any proof of vehicle insurance.
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