Windows 10 Your Computer is Low on Memory [Solved]

By April Cai in Common Errors Tags: Windows 10

Your Computer is Low on Memory warning may occur when you’re doing work on your Windows 10(Win 10) or when you try to game. It means your Win 10 is of low virtual memory. That’s because some programs on your Win 10 takes too much allocation of memory.

If you do what it recommended, such warning will still pops up soon. So how to get rid of it seems to be more important. Here in this post, two useful fixes will being introduced.

Try out the fixes below, you could get Win 10 out of the error in a second.

Fix 1. End Process that is using too much memory
Fix 2. Increase your virtual memory

Fix 1. End Process that is using too much memory

Some processes using too much memory can cause Your Computer is Low on Memory error in your Win 10. Just end them to fix it.
Note: Except for system processes.

1) Open Task Manager.

2)  The process at the top of the list is using the most memory.
 Then right-click on the process’s name and choose End task.

Now see if the warning still pops up.

Fix 2. Increase your virtual memory

Another way to fix Your Computer is to increase your virtual memory. So that
your Win 10 has more space to store the allocated files. Go with the steps below.

1) Open Quick Access menu by pressing Windows logo key + X key together.
Then click System.

2) Click Advanced system settings.
Then click Settings under Advanced pane on System Properties.

3) Go on to click Change under Advanced pane.

4) Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.
Tick on Custom Size.
Then set Initial size and Maximum size by yourself.
NOTE: The sizes you set should be more over than the Recommended size.
Click Set and OK.

Now see if your program or game works properly.

That’s it.
  • Alex Edmayr

    What does increasing my virtual memory mean exactly. If its actually struggling to cope, what does that do differently?

    Also, I’m struggling to understand my simple Photoshoping congests my computer. So much so, that it crashes my other programs.
    Intel Core i7 -7700 @ 3.60GHz. 16GB RAM.

  • 5JA

    THANK YOU!!!! There was no reason, with the amount of memory I have, that I should have been getting this stupid notice. My “About Windows 10” page is a little different, but it was still a VERY EASY FIX. Thanks.

  • Let’s try

  • John Gudmundson

    It won’t let me change it, it says I don’t have enough memory available on my hard drive even though I have 125gigs free. This only happens on my HP computer , my Dell, Toshiba and Alienware have never had this problem

  • Fabio Antonio Pabon Marquez

    I hope that this will work!!… Thank you for making this so easy to understand and thank you so much for taking the time to help us out!!… Have a great day!!…

  • Marc Bruns

    In my version of W10 there are a few extra screens added in Fix 2 to come from step 1 to step 2.

    • HermanTrowser

      Thanks for telling us what they are.