Windows 10 has just announced the Insider Preview Build 15031 for PC just hours ago. Compared with its former builds, Build 15007 and Build 15019, this latest version of the Build has fixed lots of known bugs. 

But just as its predecessors in Creators Update, Build 15031 is not all perfect. 

The content below shows you the known errors and their solutions. Please read along to find the right solution for your problem. 

1. Download stuck: initializing…
2. High disk usage and apps unresponsive
3. Audio stops working
4. Other problems

[Problem 1] Download seems stuck at 0% or other percentage, and you may see Initializing… when attempting to download Build 15031. 

[Resolution 1] There is no need for you to be panicked by this. All you need to do is to wait for the process to finish. 

If you are downloading build earlier than 15031, let say, Build 15019, please try the method below to get it fixed. 

1) Click Start button, then type services in the search box and choose Services.

2) Press key W on your keyboard to locate Windows Update. Right click this option and choose Stop

3) Restart your computer. Then check for updates. The update process should proceed well now. 

[Problem 2] Spectrum.exe service goes loose from time to time, rendering your PC to have no audio, have continuous high disk/CPU usage and applications crash. 

[Resolution 2] To fix this problem for the time being, follow the path: 


Select folder PersistedSpatialAnchors and delete it.

After the delete, restart your computer. 

If you see notification saying that “files are in use”, restart your computer and then tyr again. 

[Problem 3] For users who don’t have audio coming out from their PCs and seeing notification saying that “device in use”, you might need to restart the audio service. 

[Resolution 3]

1) Click Start button, then type services in the search box and choose Services

2) Press key W on your keyboard to locate Windows Audio. Right click this option and choose Restart

[Other problems]

Here are the know bugs with this creators update build. They should be able to be fixed in the new release. 

1) Go to Settings > Devices will crash Settings. And you will not be able to pair Bluetooth devices. 

2) Some games will be minimized to the task bar after launch. You need to click it and get the game back. 

3) Inspect Element and View Source features can’t correctly launch to the DOM Explorer and Debugger on Microsoft Edge. 

4) F12 tools may crash, hang and fail to accept inputs occasionally.

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