Windows 10 Failed to Enumerate Objects in the Container. Access is denied [Solved]

By April Cai in Common Errors Tags: Windows 10

In Windows 10, we can set our stuff public or private by permissions. And it’s easy to set on the file’s properties. But sometimes, when you want to change its permissions, some error occurs. Failed to Enumerate Objects in the Container as image shows above is the common one. But take it easy, here we are going to tell you the quick and effective way to fix it.

Just go with the fix step by step below.

Step 1.
Right-click on the file or folder you want to change its permissions.
Then choose Properties.

Step 2.
Click Advanced under Security pane.

Step 3. 
Click Change.

Step 4. 
Type your user name in the box.
Then click Check Names and OK.

Step 5.
Check this two items:
Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object
Then click OK.

Step 6.
If prompted by Windows Security, click YES.

Now you can change permissions for your files normally now.

Any questions please feel free to leave comment below.

  • adam smith

    UAC is always off for me. I still get that stupid message.

  • adam smith

    Yeah, those instructions didn’t work for me, so what do you mean solved?

  • I’ve set the folder owner as “domain admins” and I’m a member of this group as well.. But I didn’t apply the users permission because of access denied error. After reading your article, I changed the owner from group user account of myself. It is fixed now.

  • Yue Fan

    Checking both boxes in Step 5 worked! IF you have already inherited top level ownership, you need to click the “change” link and put your user in again to see the first checkbox.

    • Yue Fan

      Also, I launched Windows Explorer from an elevated command prompt. Start, search for “cmd”, right click, run as admin… once in the command prompt, type “explorer”… I did everything from that Explorer window.

  • Morgan

    Additionally, booting in Safe mode with networking, then going through all of the steps, resolved my ‘never-ending loop’ issue.

  • help me

    So, I did this with my pc’s C: drive trying to work around an issue with hosting a shared company file. And now, it’s completely destroyed all functionality within Windows 10. Text does not even start up or display within Task Manager or Desktop or anywhere else. It also locked me out of Cortana search bar as well as the Windows start button and program access. I’m not sure if this is possible to correct, nor am I sure exactly what went wrong except that I am a complete imbecile when it comes to these things, apparently. And it still did not enable access from the other computer to the shared company file.

  • Lash Sherby

    I disabled the UAC rebooted still says failure to enumerate…..

  • Lash Sherby

    after I clicked OK on step 5,,, the same failure to enumerate came up

    • adam smith

      Notice how whoever wrote this article is busy patting themselves on the back for this working for some people and ignoring everyone else?


    Everytime I click Apply, it gives me the same failed to enumerate error. And its a never ending loop and I can’t fix it in order to delete a folder.

    • DT

      Same issue for me.

  • Followed all this and it changed the owner, did the check boxes, and when I did OK or APply, I got the same Error occurred and I can’t make the changes.

  • darkonex

    No matter what I do including these steps here it’s not working for me. Windows 10 and all my folders on my Seagate cloud external drive are like this. I’m unable to execute any EXEs I have stored here but I can copy them to my laptop and execute them fine, but not on the NAS. I have tried these exact steps here multiple times and get the same error. I also get an error about the permissions being out of order or something too.

  • brandi

    thank you so much!!!! i havent been able to view photos in a particular folder for months…. this solved it!!! THANK YOU!

    • April Cai

      Glad we could help!

  • Charles

    LOVELY! Seems to have fixed the problem.

  • Gi

    Thank you! This was driving me crazy as it makes no sense. I hate Windows but have to maintain it for compatibility with work. It is beyond frustrating to have it take over MY computer.

    • DT

      That’s called security. It isn’t taking over your computer.