Windows 10 File Explorer – Scroll bar jumps to top when scrolling [Solved]

By Sophie Luo in Common Errors
If you are having problem making your scroll bar scroll to position other than the top, this post is what you are looking for.

Let me be more clear to see if the description fits your situation: you open a folder in your File Explorer, let say, to see the pictures. After you finish viewing the first screen of the pictures, you want to scroll down a little bit to see more, but you find the scroll bar on the side won’t budge, it just keeps jumping to the top position no matter how many times you roll your mouse wheel. 

To solve this problem, you just need to do the following moves. 

1) Follow the path: Start button > Settings > Personalization

2) On the left side of the pane, choose Colors, and the on the right side of the pane, make sure the option Automatically pick and accent color from my background option is slide to Off

There you go, problem solved. 

The problem will also be gone if you reset your desktop wallpaper from Slideshow to a static picture. If you are still having this problem, it’s always worth a shot.
  • MartyvH

    This problem is ridiculous and yet Microsoft appears to be keeping it.

  • Jeff Howell

    I have the same problem and have tried changing the personalization/colors setting as described and this did not make a difference. I’ve also tried updated my mouse driver and it says I have the most recent driver installed. This problem is very annoying and has resulted in the lost of some files because it has caused me to click on the wrong file.

  • David Burrows

    I have the same problem but it appears to be in all apps. When I go to personalization/colors and try to scroll down the scroll bar snaps back to the top. As it flashes by I see that choose a color is set to off.

    • Sophie Luo

      Hi, David. Have you tried update the mouse driver of yours?

      If you haven’t, it is suggested that you do the update.

      Open Device Manager. Then expand Mice and other pointing devices. Then right click the mouse option that you have and choose Update Driver Software….

      If this is not working either, please check to see if the problem is with your hardware. For example, could it be that there is something stuck in your keyboard that is making the scroll bar stays on top?

      Please keep us updated so we could see if there are more that we could do.