Windows Could Not Complete The Installation [SOLVED]

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If you are installing your Windows operating system, and you get an error telling you “Windows could not complete the installation“, you are not alone. Many users are reporting it.

This is an annoying issue — and quite scary. Your computer are totally unusable if you can’t install the operating system. Perhaps you are anxiously thinking how you should do to get rid of this error.

But don’t worry. It is possible to fix this error. Here are three fixes you can try:

Method 1: Run the Windows account creation wizard
Method 2: Reinstall your system without activating it
Method 3: Find another source of installation media

Method 1: Run the Windows account creation wizard

This error may occur because the Windows account is not created normally. You can run the account creation wizard to see if this fixes the problem. To do so:

1) On the screen with the error, press the Shift key and F10 at the same time on your keyboard to bring up Command Prompt.

2) Type “cd %windir%/system32/oobe/” and press Enter on your keyboard.

3) Type “msoobe” and press Enter on your keyboard.

4) Set up an account and password there on the user account creation wizard that appears.

5) Restart your computer and see if this fixes the error.

Method 2: Reinstall your system without activating it

Sometimes the error occurs when you are trying to install a specific version of Windows (such as Windows 10 Education). In this case, you can try reinstalling your system. But this time choose to install the Home version and don’t activate it during the installation. After the installation completes, use the product key to activate your system. It should run fine at this time.

Method 3: Find another source of installation media

The error may result from the system installer you use — maybe it’s corrupted or incorrect. You should make sure that your installation media is from a valid source. If it isn’t, try getting another reliable installation media from Microsoft and running it on your computer. Then check to see if the error disappears.

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