Are you struggling with loosing weight? Have you tried numerous methods but none of them work? Luckily you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn how to lose weight by just changing your diet habit. If you follow the rules strictly, you’ll loose the weight successfully and have a beautiful slim body. You may already try some other diet plans like 7 days diet plan, high protein diet plan, etc.There are several reasons why they didn’t work for you. But the most common reason is that they are hard to insist. After you go back to the normal diet, your weight rebounds quickly. The diet plan introduced here is different. It works for long by introducing a healthy diet habit. Now read on to find how it works. The diet plan just requires you to follow below simple three rules. Rule 1: Do not eat protein and carbs together Rule 2: Do not skip breakfast Rule 3: Do not eat processed food and fast food Rule 4 : Keep it for at least 30 days  

Rule 1: Do not eat protein and carbs together

It’s OK to eat all foods together. But if you want to loose weight, you should not eat protein and carbs together. Why you should not eat protein and carbs together? According to William Howard Hay, food should be separating into three groups alkaline, acidic, and neutral. Acidic foods are protein rich, such as meat, fish, dairy, etc. Alkaline foods are carbohydrate rich, such as rice, grains and potatoes. Acidic foods and Alkaline foods are digested differently. They need different enzyme to be consumed. Protein needs pepsin to break it into smaller fragment, and carbohydrates need amylase. If they are eaten together, their consuming environment would be disturbed. In this case, the digestion time will take longer. Normally, it takes carbs 2 hours to digest, and proteins take about 4 hours, but when eaten together, it could take up to 13 hours for the food to digest. This will lead to fermentation and toxic by-products, which is the main cause of the obesity.

Combine with Vegetable and Fruits You should not eat protein and carbs together, but you should eat them combining with vegetable and fruit. To make the diet work effectively, follow these rules: 1) . Vegetables and fruit should be a major part of the diet. 70% fruit and Vegetables is recommended. 2). Eat fruit and vegetables first then the protein or the starch. 3). Wait fours between starch and protein meals. 4). Each meal should have fruit or vegetable. Vegetable is better due to low sugar.  

Rule 2: Do not skip breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast even if you don’t need to get up early to get to work. Breakfast is an important meal to wake your body up. If you skip eat breakfast too often, it’s easier to get slow metabolism, which will cause overweight.  Remember to eat healthy food at the breakfast meal. If you don’t have much time, you can just eat some fruit either with egg or some bread.

Rule 3: Do not eat processed food and fast food

One of the rules that you need to follow is never eating processed foods and fast food. These food will produce toxic in your body. They will make your diet plan not work at all. Eat real food instead. 

Rule 4 : Keep it for at least 30 days

A new habit can be gained after you repeat the behavior for 30 days. It could be tough when you starting following the diet rules. But at least give it a try for 30 days. After that, you’ll find everything is different. You’ll be a new you with a beautiful slim body and confidence.
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