Fix Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Network Adapter Driver Issue for Windows 10

By Camilla Mo in Driver Error

After upgrading to Windows 10 or performing a Windows 10 update, if you can’t connect to internet through Wi-Fi, the wireless adapter driver mostly is missing or incompatible with the system. Here you will learn how to fix Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Network Adapter driver issue. In Device Manager, you might see a yellow mark next to this device.

There are 3 ways you can use to update the driver to fix the problem.

Way 1: Update the driver through Device Manager
Way 2: Download and install the driver from manufacturer
Way 3: Update the driver using Driver Easy

Way 1: Update the driver through Device Manager

Follow these steps:

1. In Device Manager, right-click on the Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Network Adapter and select Update Driver Software….(The specific device name will vary according to the device model. In this case, the model is AR5BWB222.)

Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Network Adapter

2.  In the pop-up window, you will see two options. Click the first option Search automatically for updated driver software.  Then Windows will find and install drivers for the wireless adapters automatically.

Way 2: Download and install the driver from manufacturer

Since Atheros doesn’t produce drivers themselves,  you can go to your PC manufacturer’s website to check for and download the latest driver. Before you get started, ensure that you know the PC model and the specific operating system that you are using (Windows 10 32-bit or Windows 10 64-bit). Usually, the downloaded driver will be in executable format (.exe). You can install the driver by just double-clicking on the executable file and follow the on-screen instructions.

If your PC can’t be connected to internet, download the driver using another PC with internet access. Then use USB flash drive to transfer the driver to your PC.

Way 3: Update the driver using Driver Easy

Windows may fail to provide the latest driver and updating drivers manually may take forever. To update the driver easily, you can use Driver Easy to help you.

Driver Easy is one of driver update tools online. Driver Easy will detect the outdated, corrupted, incompatible and missing drivers in your computer. It is compatible with Windows 10. So you can use it to update the Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Network Adapter driver for Windows 10.

Driver Easy has Free version and Paid version. You can use the Free version to download new drivers, but you are required to use the downloaded driver files to install the drivers manually step by step. And the download speed is limited. To save more time, you can use the Paid version. With Paid version, all drivers will be updated automatically. Moreover, you can enjoy free technical support guarantee. You can contact us for further assistance regarding the Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Network Adapter driver issue. Paid version offers 30-day money back guarantee. You can ask for a full refund for any reason.

With Paid version, to update all drivers, only 2 clicks are needed.

1. Click Scan Now button and it will auto scan your computer. This will identify if the Atheros wireless adapter drivers are outdated or missing. Then you will get a list of new drivers immediately.

2. Click Update All button, the all drivers will be downloaded in high download speed and installed automatically.

  • sam

    I just tried this and it didn’t work. I had issues with connectuvity from the stsrt eith my Acer Spin 7; connects…then disconects… Finslly about 3 months ago (probably eith suto update) I tried using Winfows 10 network troubleshooter…and with a surprise that it found the issue and corrected the problem and I connect my wifis almost everytime. This morning I can’t connect wirelessly anymore. With Windows 10 auto updates it is causing issues again. What I also noticed is my touchpad gets disabled “by itself”, sometimes my East Coast time is off by a few hours… absolute annoyance. Anyone having a solution would be great. I’ve been on hold with support for 20 minutes now

    • UsagiPanda

      use this. it fixed mine WLAN D QUALCOMM ATHEROS WIN 8 64 BIT VERSION

  • Paulette Hacker

    If you just update the driver then DELETE the Microsoft Virtual WiFi, then it pretty much solves the problem. It is the Microsoft virtual driver that is causing the interference!

    • Etienne

      Waar kan ik die verwijderen?

      • ben cos

        go to start menu and type i cmd right click it and choose run as admin the type or paste in netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
        and press enter. then put in netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=disallow. I seen this on another forum.

        • Sponge

          how do you reinstate it? You know, just in case something breaks because we did this.

          • ben cos

            netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow

        • Jack Williams

          I just tried this and it fixed it for me. Cheers.

        • Enzo

          thanks! it fixed mine using asus laptop

      • Alessio Hank Boglino

        Thanks I’ll try it!

    • Divinity

      How do I get to this?