Many users are more comfortable with a mouse in their hand when using a Mac. So when your mouse is not working, it causes trouble.
Mac mouse not working is a common issue and it should be easy to fix. In this article, we are talking about the wireless mouse.

Check the mouse

Checking your mouse should always be the first go-to option.

  • Make sure the mouse has power and it’s turned on.
  • Make sure that your mouse has been set up to work with your Mac.
  • Make sure that your device’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Take magic mouse 2 as an example. The power button is at the bottom of the device. Turn it on and it should appear in the Bluetooth window. Then
make sure your magic mouse 2 is fully charged.

After checking your mouse’s physical condition, you can move to the next part.

Mac mouse not working

Situation 1: Your mouse isn’t recognized by your Mac

Situation 2: Your mouse doesn’t work well

Situation 1: Your mouse isn’t recognized by your Mac

You mouse is on and has power, but it can’t be recognized by your Mac. You don’t see it appears in the Bluetooth window. Below are the fixes you can try.

Fix 1: Turn the device off and on

Restart your Mac and turn your mouse off and on. It’s an old but effective way. Restarting your device can make your devices reconnect with each other. So your mouse can be recognized again.

Fix 2: Pair your mouse again

If the first fix doesn’t work, you can try to pair your mouse again.
Note: You can use the trackpad to select and click.

  1. Select the Apple icon on the upper left and click System preference.
  2. Select Bluetooth.
    If your mouse is not magic mouse 2, you should press the connection button on the mouse to connect with Mac.
    Note: Make sure the Mac Bluetooth is on. Otherwise, you should turn on the Bluetooth first.
  3. Waiting for your mouse’s name appears on the Bluetooth window. When you see it, your mouse has connected with Mac.

Situation 2: Your mouse doesn’t work well

Issue 1: Your mouse sometimes stops responding

You have your mouse connected with Mac but it sometimes stops responding.
The issue may be caused by signal interference. A wireless network that operates on 2.4GHz may cause interference.

To solve it:

  1. Move your Mac from microwave, cordless phone base stations, and other electrical devices that you suspect may cause interference.
  2. Keep wireless devices within 10 meters (approximately 30 feet) of your Mac.
  3. Avoid putting metal objects between your wireless device and your Mac.

Issue 2: Your mouse can’t scroll up or down or side to side

If you find that your mouse can’t scroll up or down in web pages or documents, you can use the trackpad to adjust mouse settings.

  1. Select the Apple icon on the upper left and click System preference.
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Select Mouse & Trackpad. Then, adjust your mouse settings. You can drag the slider right to speed up your mouse.

Issue 3: Your mouse doesn’t track as expected

This is annoying when the mouse moves intermittently. There are several factors that can affect your mouse tracking.

Try another surface–The first is your surface. Keeping your touch surface dry and clean, or try another surface to see if the tracking improves.

Clean your mouse–Turn the mouse over to check its sensor window. Clean the sensor window gently if there’s dust on it.

Check the power adapter of your Mac–If you’re using the power adapter made by a third-party company for your Mac, it may cause the problem.
Unplug the power adapter and use your mouse while the Mac is running from battery power. If your mouse runs normally, the issue might be caused by your power adapter.
Replace the power adapter to improve your mouse tracking.

Turn off other Bluetooth devices–If you have more than one Bluetooth wireless device nearby in use, turning them off one by one to see if the issue is improved.

Adjust scrolling speed–You can change Mouse settings to solve this issue.

  1. Click the Apple icon on the upper left and click System preference.
  2. Click Accessibility.
  3. Select Mouse & Trackpad.
  4. Click Mouse Options to adjust scrolling speed. You can drag the Scrolling speed slider to the right to speed up.

Hope the above information can help. Thanks for reading. You’re welcome to leave comments below.

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