Torrent network provides high download speed. So many people like downloading files through torrent network. You’re one of them, right? You may want to know how to download torrent files safely. In this article, we’ll show you how to torrent safely.


What is torrenting?

Why is torrenting not safe?

How to torrent safely

What is torrenting?

If you’ve knowledged clearly what torrenting is, you can skip this section. Just move to How to torrent safely.

When we’re torrenting, it means we’re downloading and sharing files through P2P (peer-to-peer) network. Peers means users who’re involved in the torrent network. The P2P network allows users in the network to share files with each other. When you’re downloading a torrent file, you’re not downloading it from a single website or source, but downloading it from other users in the P2P network.

And you’re not downloading the whole file from other users, but downloading the chunks of the file from other users. When the download completes, all chunks will be put together to form a whole file. In this way, the files even the large files can be downloaded fast. Torrent network can download files at 1.5 megabytes per second.

While downloading a file, you’re also uploading the file a bit. It means you don’t need to download the entire file before uploading, as you’re uploading the chunks of the file to the network. If someone need the chunks you have, they can download them from you.

In a word, torrenting is a fast file-sharing technology. We can use it to download files quickly. But at the same time, it could be dangerous. Why is torrenting not safe?

Why is torrenting not safe?

The torrent file could involve copyright infringement

The torrent file could involve copyright infringement

The torrent file could be infected with virus

You can download all kinds of files, such as TV shows, movies, music, from torrent network. That’s great. But you need to know that some files could involve copyright infringements. They were uploaded without owner’s permission. They’re free to download but in the breach of the copyright laws. We understand you don’t mean to download files that involve copyright infringements. But you may download these files by accident. Though you download these files without knowing, you still violate the copyright laws. This could result in a warning , a file, or a court date. As we mentioned above, when you’re downloading files, you’re uploading them. Uploading files illegally could result in imprisonment.

How others know what you’ve downloaded

You might be wondering how others know what you’ve downloaded. In torrent network, the users’ IP address is exposed. So other users can know your IP address. Then they can know what you’ve downloading by tracking your IP address.

Your ISP (Internet Server Provider) can also know your IP address. If you download normal files online, your ISP usually won’t notice you. But if you download torrent files, your ISP will know it. ISP is sensitive to torrent traffic.

The copyright holders can work with ISP, and let them track the torrent traffic to find who uploaded and downloaded the files without permission. Once the ISP tracks the illegal download activity, they will send emails to the users telling them they’re downloading illegal content over the torrent network. Or the copyright holders may sue the users. 

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So if you don’t want to get caught by downloading illegal content accidentally, stay safe when downloading torrent files. See How to torrent safely.

The torrent file could be infected with virus

Some torrent files especially the .exe files are easily infected with virus. Since your IP address is exposed on torrent network, it’s possible for hackers, spies to track your IP address then let you download the files that have virus or adware. Once the files are downloaded to your computer, your computer can be infected with the files. This could result in severe problems. Your computer password can be changed; your personal info could be stolen, etc.

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So if you don’t want to get a virus by downloading the content with virus, stay safe when downloading torrent files. See How to torrent safely.

How to torrent safely

You can download the torrent files safely with these methods:

  1. Download legal torrents from the known sites
  2. Use a VPN to mask the IP address
  3. Use anti-virus program

Method 1: Download legal torrents from the known sites

You can download the torrent files from torrent sites. But note that most torrent sites don’t guarantee legal content. They may not know if the content is legal or not. To stay safe, you can download the torrent files from the site that ensure legal content

Below are some sites that ensure legal content. You can go to one of them and see if you can download the torrent files you need.

If these websites haven’t the torrent files you need, this method doesn’t work for you. You can use Method 2.

Method 2: Use a VPN to torrent safely

A VPN is short for virtual private network. You can use a VPN to mask your IP address to make it look like you access the network from a different location. If you access the torrent network with a VPN, others won’t know your real IP address. In this way, you won’t get caught though you download illegal content by accident. This will keep you safe while downloading torrent files.

In addition, a VPN can encrypt your data from being stolen by hackers and spies. Since your IP address is hidden, the hackers and spies won’t track you. This will also keep you safe.

There are many VPNs you can choose from. Some are free, and some are not free. We recommend paid VPNs, as free VPNs don’t guarantee safety and privacy. If you’re not sure what VPN you can trust, we recommend NordVPN

You can get NordVPN coupons and promo codes to get a discount for NordVPN.

NordVPN is one of the popular VPNs around the world, a cheap VPN with high performance. It provides stable connection and 24/7 customer support. It provides more than 5000 servers for customers to connect. With 30-day money back guarantee, if you don’t satisfy the product, you can ask for a full refund.

To use NordVPN when downloading torrent files, you just need to follow these steps:

1) Download NordVPN to your computer (You can get a 75% discount if you purchase the product right now.).

2) Run NordVPN and open it.

3) Connect to a server by choosing a country you want to connect to.

Method 3: Use anti-virus program

It’s recommended you use anti-virus program when you download torrent files. As we mentioned above, some torrent files may contain viruses. Anti-virus program can detect the virus and keep you safe. If you’ve installed the anti-virus program on your computer, ensure it’s enabled. If you don’t have installed one on your computer, you can install one now.

If you’re not sure what anti-virus program you can use, we recommend AVG Antivirus Free, which is a powerful antivirus program allowing you to remove viruses easily.

To use AVG Antivirus Free to remove a virus, you just need to do the following steps:

1) Download and install AVG Antivirus Free on your computer.

2) Launch AVG Antivirus Free and click Scan COMPUTER to detect virus on your computer. Once the virus is detected, it’ll be removed automatically.

3) Set it to run in the startup.

Hopefully you find this article helpful about how to torrent safely. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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