The Logitech Driving Force GT Driver is a program that makes your computer and your racing wheel attached work together.

If you want to set up the Logitech Driving Force Racing Steering Wheel on your PC, you’ll need to install the correct driver for it.

Or, if you’ve install the driver for your device, yet somehow your gaming steering wheel won’t work, try updating its driver. This is because gaming wheel issues often occur when you’re using a faulty or outdated driver.

There are 2 ways you can get the correct driver safely and easily:

Option 1: Manual update the Logitech Driving Force GT driver

If you wish to update your driver manually, follow the instructions below:

1) Go to Logitech official website, then click SUPPORT > Downloads.

2) Type driving force gt on the search box, then click Driving Force GT.

3) Click Downloads.

4) Find the driver corresponding with your specific flavor of Windows version (for example, Windows 32 bit), and download the driver manually.

5) Once you’ve downloaded the correct driver for your system, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

Option 2: Automatically update the Logitech Driving Force GT driver

If you don’t have the time, patience or computer skills to update your driver manually, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for your exact Logitech Driving Force GT racing wheel, and your Windows version, and it will download and install them correctly.

You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks (and you get full support and a 30-day money back guarantee):

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

3) Click the Update button next to the Logitech Driving Force GT driver to automatically download the correct version of that driver, then you can manually install it (you can do this with the FREE version).

Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system (this requires the Pro version– you’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All).

You can do it for free if you like, but it’s partly manual.
The Pro version of Driver Easy comes with full technical support.
If you need assistance, please contact Driver Easy’s support team at

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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In diesem Beitrag erfahren Sie 2 Methoden mit ausführlichen Schritten über die Aktualisierung des Logitech Driving Force GT Treibers.
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