If you love playing the PS4 games, you must encounter the PS4 freezing problem at times in the middle of playing games or setting up something, which is a nightmare for most PlayStation 4 users. The PS4 freezing issue is one of the common issues, and luckily, there are solutions to solve PS4 freezing easily.

How do I fix the PS4 freezing issue?

Try the following methods to fix PS4 freezing. You don’t have to try them all; Just work your way through until the problem is solved.

  1. Update the application to fix the PS4 freezing
  2. Troubleshoot the hardware issue to fix the P4 freezing
  3. Rebuild database to fix the PS4 freezing
  4. Check the Internet connection to fix the PS4 freezing
  5. Update the firmware to fix the PS4 freezing
  6. Initialize the PS4 to fix the PS4 freezing
  7. Call the support from Sony to fix the PS4 freezing

What is the PS4 freezing and why is the PS4 frozen?

The PS4 freezing or the PS4 lagging is one of the common issues that many electronic devices may run into. It generally behaves as your controller or your gamepad gets stuck or lagged when you are playing games.

Why is my PS4 get frozen? Sony hasn’t stated the exact cause of this problem. However, there are several possible causes that lead to the PS4 freezing problem.

  • Your PS4 overheating
  • Faulty hardware or outdated firmware
  • Faulty hard drive
  • Poor Internet connection

Method 1: Update the application to fix the PS4 freezing

If the PS4 freezing occurs to one game or application, it’s very likely because the game/application crashed in your PS4. You can try to restart the PS4 and then the game to have a try, or you can try to update the game software to the latest version, which can help fix the bugs and install the patches for your game.

1. Restart the PS4 and the application

Follow the steps below to power cycle and restart your PS4 and the application:

1) Press and hold the PS button on your controller.

2) Turn off the PS4 with Turn Off PS4 and not Enter Rest Mode.

3) Make sure the light goes out on the console and then unplug its power cable and wait for 10 seconds.

4) Plug the power cable back in and then press the PS button on your controller to turn your PS4 back on.

5) Try to use your PS4 or play games to see if it works.

2. Update the game/application

If restarting the game doesn’t solve the problem, you can try to update the application and install the latest version on your PS4.

1) On the PS4 home screen, highlight the game/application that needs to update.

2) Press the Options button on your PS4 controller, then select Check for Update.

3) Follow the wizard to download and install any available updates.

4) Restart your PS4 and try to play the game to see if it works now.

3. Free up more space for your system

You can first check the system storage in your PS4. If there is little space, you will need to free up more space for it. The fluent operating on your PS4 requires enough storage in the system.

1) Go to your PS4 Settings > System Storage Management.

2) You’ll see the data stored in your system, you can select the type of data you want to delete.

3) Press the Options button on your controller and select Delete.

Then you can have more space in your system and have better control over your PS4 operations. If you think for sure that it’s the data issue, you can also try to rebuild the database to have a try.

Method 2: Troubleshoot the hardware issue to fix the P4 freezing

This problem can also be caused by the hardware issue. So you can try to troubleshoot the hardware and solve the problem.

1. Put your PS4 in an open space

The PS4 freezing issue can possibly because of an overheating problem. If the PS4 doesn’t have enough space for the air to cool download the fan, it may be overheated and stuck in.

If that’s the case, you can try to put your PS4 in an open space to have more gas around it, so your PS4 is allowed to have better air circulation. Additionally, you may need to regularly clean the dust on your PS4 to have it under maintenance.

2. Check all the cables and ports to be plugged correctly

Sometimes the cables lose when connecting can also result in this problem. You can try to check if all the cables are correctly and tightly plugged in your PS4 and other equipment.

3. Upgrade the hard drive

When you are using your PS4 to play games or to modify the settings, the data will be read and recorded by your hard drive. So if there is something wrong with your hard drive, your PS4 can get stuck or lagged when using your PS4.

The hard drive faulty can also cause PS4 freezing. If there is something wrong with your PS4 HDD, you can try to upgrade your hard drive to solve the problem.

1) Backup your data to PS4 plus or a USB drive. This is important.

2) Replace the hard drive disc with the new upgraded hard drive disc.

3) Reinstall the system software in your PS4.

4) Restore data that has been backed up on the new HDD.

Method 3: Rebuild the database to fix the PS4 freezing

If you think it can be a data issue and it doesn’t solve the issue after freeing up space for your system, you can try to rebuild the database in your PS4 to solve this problem.

This solution can help you scan the drive and creates a new database of all content. This operation may take a long time depending on the type and number of data items.

1) Press the Power button on the front panel to turn off your PlayStation 4. The power indicator will blink for a few moments before turning off.

2) After turning off your PS4, press and hold the Power button, then release it after you hear two beeps: one when you press at first, and the other in seven seconds later.

3) Connect the DualShock 4 controller with the USB cable, then press the PS button on the controller.

4) You will enter the Safe Mode and see 8 options. Select 5. Rebuild Database. Then wait for it to complete.

5) Try to use your PS4 again to see if it works.

Method 4: Check the Internet connection to fix the PS4 freezing

As we know, the slow Internet connection can largely lead to the lags in your PS4. Whenever you play PS4 games, you may want to have a good Internet connection to ensure the best gaming experience. So you may check your Internet to see if it can be a problem.

1. Try to restart your WiFi router and modem to see if it works better.

2. Try to buy a WiFi signal booster from the Internet to have a better WiFi performance.

3. Try to connect your PS4 with the Ethernet instead of WiFi to have a high network speed.

a. Connect your PS4 with the LAN cable.

b. Go to PS4 SettingsNetwork > Set Up Internet Connection.

c. Select Use a LAN Cable.

d. Select Custom, then enter the network information from your ISP.

e. Select Do Not Use as for Proxy Server.

f. Wait for it to update. When you see Internet settings updated, try to play the PS4 games to see if it works now.

4. Try to forward ports to your PS4 to have a better Internet connection.

a. Go and see the IP address, Username, and Password on your wireless router.

b. Open your browser on PC or mobile phone, then type the IP address in your browser, and press Enter.

c. Type your Username and Password, then log in.

d. Go to the forward ports section (or ports forwarding, Virtual Server, Applications according to different routers).

e. Add the custom forwarding ports. You can try the following ports recommended by Sony:

80(TCP), 443(TCP), 3478(TCP and UDP), 3479(TCP and UDP), 3480(TCP)
Note: you should give a name and assign your PS4 IP address to each of these ports. 

f. Apply your changes.

g. Try to use your PS4 to see if it works now.

Method 5: Update the firmware to fix the PS4 freezing

If your PS4 firmware is not the latest version, your PS4 may also freezes or lags. Try to update the PS4 system software to solve the problem. Follow these steps:

Note: Please close the games and applications that are currently on before you update the system software.

1) Connect your PS4 with the Internet.

2) Go to PS4 Settings > System Software Update.

3) Select Update if there are available updates. (You won’t see this message if your PS4 system is the latest version, so you can skip this method.)

4) Wait for the update to download. After downloading, you’ll see the pop-up notification to remind you.

5) On your PS4 home screen, go to Notifications > Downloads, then follow the instructions to install the update.

6) Try to open the game and see if it works now.

Method 6: Initialize the PS4 to fix the PS4 freezing

In addition, initializing your PS4 can also reset the system and solve the problem.

1. When you initialize the system software, all settings and information saved on your PS4 system are deleted. This cannot be undone, so make sure you do not delete any important data by mistake. Deleted data cannot be restored. It’s recommended to back up your data into PS plus or USB drive before the initialization.
2. Do not turn off your PS system during initialization. Doing this might damage your system.

1) Go to PS4 SettingsInitialization > Initialize PS4.

2) Select Full.

3) Follow the instructions to complete.

4) After finishing, restore all your backup data, and reinstall the games and applications.

5) Try the games to see if it works now.

Method 7:  Call the support from Sony to fix the PS4 freezing

If the problem still persists after trying all the methods above, it seems to be a hardware faulty problem with your PS4, and you may need to contact the support from Sony.

You can send back your PS4 to have it repaired, or you can have a replacement for your PS4.

These are the 7 methods to fix the PS4 freezing. Which method helps? Feel free to comment below and share with us your idea!

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