[Solved] Cannot install drivers. No Intel(R) Adapters are present in this computer

By Camilla Mo in Driver Error
If you can’t install Intel network adapter driver successfully due to error “Cannot install drivers. No Intel(R) Adapters are present in this computer“, you can tell this is  an incompatibility issue. The driver you are trying to install is incompatible with the device. To  resolve the problem, read on, and you will find the solution.

First, ensure the driver is downloaded from Intel official website. If you had downloaded the driver from Intel official website, then ensure it is the latest version for your Intel network adapter. (If you can’t have access to internet due to faulty network drivers, download the drivers using another PC with network and save the drivers to an external drive like USB flash drive, then transfer to the PC that you need to update the driver for.)

If this is the latest driver you could find from Intel, try to install the driver manually step by step. Follow these steps.

1. Usually, the driver file is in .exe format. Extract and decompress the file to a folder. (To extract the file, you need an archive utility  such as 7zip. If you don’t have one, you can download it online.)

2. Go to Device Manager

3. Expand category “Network adapters”. Right-click on the Intel network device and select Update Driver Software…

Note if the network driver is missing, it might be listed under category “Other devices”. In this case, there is a yellow mark next to the device which is displayed as Ethernet Controller.

4. Click Browser my computer for driver software

5. Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

6. Check the box next to “Show compatible hardware” and click Have Disk… button. 

7. Click Browse… button and navigate to the folder where you extracted the driver file to. 

8. Continue to open the folders until you can choose any of the .INF files. Then follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver. 

If you fail to update Intel network driver manually, you can consider using Driver Easy to update the driver automatically, which can scan your computer quickly and detect all problem drivers, then give you a list of new drivers. To download the driver, all you need to do is click your mouse 2 times. Click here to download Driver Easy now.

Driver Easy has Free version and Professional version. Both versions can be used to download drivers automatically. But with Professional version, you can even update all drivers with 1 click. No time is wasted. More importantly, you will enjoy Free technical support guarantee and money-back guarantee. You can ask for further assistance regarding your Intel network driver issue. And you can ask for a full refund for any reason.

1. Click Scan Now button. Driver Easy will scan your computer within 20 seconds then you will get a list of new driver immediately.

2. Click Update All button. Then all drivers will be downloaded in high download speed and installed automatically.

Driver Easy provides Offline Scan feature. If you are having problem with network drivers and can’t have access to internet, you can use the Offline Scan feature to download the network drivers quickly and easily. See how to use the Offline Scan feature.

  • Cameron Miller

    Mine was fixed by using a newer Windows 10 install disk/iso
    I think I got version 1709 from Dec 2017 and the network adaptor was found immediately

  • Team Fortress Gameplayer

    Thank you man!!! Appreciate that!!

  • Abedullraheem Theyab

    for win server 2012 r2 when you open file with this method extract the drive and choose pro1000 winx64 ndis163
    after that install the driver

    • George Umunnah

      How about for Windows 10? which option should i chose to install the driver?

  • Will Thornton

    Wow, just wow. Thank you for helping. God bless you. Worked like a charm after I literally tried everything.
    Note: in Windows 10 I didn’t have to do step 8. Just selected the folder and clicked ‘continue’. And it installed in five seconds.

  • mohammad aneesh

    thanks for helping.
    The procedure worked, even it was showing “Windows encountered a problem installing the drover software for your device”. but Network adapter driver worked.

  • Mac

    what is the website for intel

    • Will Thornton

      Just Google Intel drivers