Sometimes when trying to access some websites on Firefox, you got the error: Your connection is not secure. Even the website is secure though, like our example: This would make you really annoyed. Follow the tried-and-true solutions given following to get rid of the error.  1. Set your system clock to today’s date and time 2. Disable SSL scanning in your security software

Method 1. Set your system clock to today’s date and time

If there is any error in your system’s clock, it would make your Firefox fail to check  the certificate validity of the website you want to access. Then the error: Your connection is not secure comes up.  Especially when you click Advanced icon on the error page, if the error text will also show the current date and time of your system. It’s advised to adjust your system clock. To do so, you need to do these: You can set your system clock by this method on any version of Windows operating system. 1) On your keyboard, press Windows key + R key together to open a Run box. Then type control in the box and click OK.

2) Click the catalog related to Clock.

3) Click Date and Time.

4) Click Change date and time.

5) Set the time depend the time you would be solving this issue. Click OK to save your setting.

After it’s done, try to access the website on your Firefox to see if the err is fixed or not.

Method 2. Disable SSL scanning in your security software

If you enable SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)  scanning in your security software, it would also cause the error happen. Such security software includes Avast, Bitdefender, ESET and Kaspersky.   Try to disable SSL scanning feature of your security software. See if the error can be fixed. Note: If it’s the first time you get into the website which you get the error, and you are not sure of its security, it’s advised to click Go Back.
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