[Solved] Nvidia Display driver stopped working and has recovered

By Camilla Mo in Graphic Issues
Download Driver Easy to update the display driver. This will fix the problem instantly.

Nvidia Black screen problem “Display driver stopped working and has recovered” can be caused by different issues, but mostly due to power supply issues and driver issues. If you meet this problem, try solutions below to solve it. 

Change Power Management Setting

If the power saving the drivers tries to make changes on the Nvidia video cards, the problem would occur. Follow these steps to change the power management setting.

1) Go to Control Panel
2) View by “Small icons” in Control Panel and click Power Options.

3) Change plans to High Performance. After opening Power Options window, if you do not see High Performance option, expand “Show additional plans”, then you will see it there.

4) After that, click Change plan settings

5) Click Change advanced power settings.

6) Expand PCI Express then Link State Power Management. Make sure the setting is Off.

7) Right-click on PC desktop and click NVIDIA Control Panel.

8) Click Manage 3D settings in right pane. In left pane at “Global Settings” tab, select “Power management mode” to Prefer maximum performance.

Then click Apply button to make the change take effect.

9) If the problem occurs while you are playing games, please also:
Right click the the game icon and select Properties. Select the “Compatibility” tab and check the box for “Disable Desktop Composition” and click OK button.

The problem can also be caused by faulty graphics drivers. To fix this problem, you can try below.

Uninstall Nvidia Graphics Drivers

Follow steps below to uninstall the Graphics driver.

1) Press Win+R (Windows key and R key) at the same time. A Run dialog box will appear.
Type devmgmt.msc in the run box then click OK button. This is to open Device Manager Window.

2) Expand “Display adapters” category and right-click on NVIDIA device name. The context menu will pop up. Click Uninstall on context menu.

After uninstall the driver, restart your PC for the changes to take effect. Then Windows will load the correct drivers. 


Download and Install Latest NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

You can go to your PC manufacturer’s website or Nvidia website to download the latest drivers for NVIDIA Graphics card. The driver can be normally downloaded from “Support” section of the website. Usually, the downloaded driver package contains .exe setup file. To install the driver, double-click on this file then follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are having difficulty downloading drivers manually, you can use Driver Easy to help you.

Driver Easy is a driver update tool which can detect all problem drivers in your computer. Then find and download new drivers for you. So if your Nvidia drivers are outdated, your can use Driver Easy to download the latest drivers. 

Driver Easy has Free version and Paid version. Both versions can be used to download drivers freely. But with Free version, you are required to install drivers manually. To save more time, you can consider using the Paid version. With Paid version, you can get higher download speed, and update all drivers automatically with just 1 click. We offer free technical support guarantee and 30-day money back guarantee. You can ask for further assistance regarding your Nvidia black screen issue and a full refund if you want.

  • Grimm Reaper

    I also have the 630 but never had an issue until i put in a gigabyte motherboard my asus never crashed now i get crashes all the time.

    • Iskandar Huseynov

      Yes my new MB is also 1150 socketted. The only way I found is:
      on rightclick of the Desktop there an item nvidia and after entering in 3dsettings I off-ed, disabled and clamped all the options (on the right hand). Now it runs much much better but still crashs sometimes when I run heavy apps in background to emulators.

  • TimWolf2

    I tried every suggestion I could find and nothing worked. Eventually for another reason, I switched from Firefox to Chrome, turned off accelerator in Chrome, and I’ve never had the problem again. Thank goodness, it was driving me nuts.

    • Dzoni Srbin

      what is the accelerator in chrome how do I turn it off

      • TimWolf2

        Go to settings – advanced – system and turn off (use hardware acceleration).

        • Dzoni Srbin

          idk if it works but thanks for replying anyways

          • TimWolf2

            It’s the only thing that worked for me. Good luck. I can’t count how many times I got that display-driver-stopped-and-has-recovered error. But I’ve never had it again since I made this change.

  • Eddie Gordo

    I fixed the problem disabling Igpu multi-monitor, render standby and deep-render standby from the bios of my z77 extreme, with gtx 1070. Errors started when I changed my monitor from a 1k DVI to a displayport 2k. hope it helps

  • Fruitn Ohrberg

    Had this ‘problem’ for years now.

  • YJaybaby

    My settings were already set on these values and I still have the problem. I used to have the problem only when gaming (in extreme amounts), I formatted, now I only have the problem when surfing.
    I already upgraded from a GTX950 to a 1050 because I assumed my graphics card was just breaking but this did not help either :/

  • Numlocker

    I have this problem, but only while using Firefox Quantum.

    • nunoman20

      Me too have u managed to solve it?

      • Numlocker

        No, but installed the new NV driver (390.65), maybe that fixed it.

  • uber driver

    Its simple buy a radeon card fixed my problem after 3 nvidia cards all doing the same thing I had enough

  • Kamodi

    This happens only when i visit a site with huge adobe FLASH ads

    • Mannik

      Darling. Bro. AdBlock Plus, or better yet, uBlock. They’re priceless addons. Available for Firefox and Chrome, at least.

  • Mads Furnes Kristoffersen

    Tried all this. Including deleting nvidia experience. The only thing that’s working for my Asus GTX 1080 OC edition is downclocking the graphics card. Redicilous really.

  • Riflo

    THNX, solved everything, more than one month not facing any driver crash

  • sdsdsd

    I’ll never buy nvidia again

    • JLTSK

      I’m on my third GTX 1050. Constant black screens and lock ups. I don’t even play games. I tried to switch to the flagship 500 series cards from AMD, but they don’t have drivers for Windows 8.1. THEY DON’T HAVE DRIVERS FOR WINDOWS 8.1!
      So now what?

      • Eetheart

        Why would you even have Windows 8.1 on a beast computer? I’m assuming it’s beast based on you having GTX 1050. Get Windows 10 and you’ll run so much smoother. Put on metered connection so that you’re not bothered by Microsoft’s crappy updates and only get essential security updates, and you’re gucci.

        • JLTSK

          Glad to chat about this! This is a beast…..office PC. I’m running a Sabertooth 990FX , FX8350, and like 48GB of memory, and I got the 1050 as I keep 300 tabs open at a time and my chrome scroll speed was sluggish. (Note…. that turned out to be Chrome settings actually using hardware acceleration. I un-checked ‘use hardware acceleration’ in Chrome and scrolling is now smooth. I don’t know how using a monster graphics card would actually be a detriment, but it is what it is.) As for Win10, it’s quite simple. I’m the type of person who is infuriated by the MS forced updates. Maybe others think it is minor, but it is a huge pet peeve of mine. My white whale. I actually hate when MS forces anything upon users. For instance…. their decision to take the start button away in win 8.1. That’s fine, but give the users a choice! MS has a history of forcing things down our throats in all of their software. Anyway, I’ve dealt with several bricked systems in the past (I administer 30 systems) when MS has decided to both override my (never) update settings AND send an unexpected patch which BSODs them. (Happened four times.) I absolutely refuse to use an OS in which I can’t decide what and when to patch, so I can prepare, and an OS which can (and will) literally reboot, purposely, right in the middle of an important piece of work. I cannot tell you how I refuse to even remotely consider an OS that could at any time kick me out of important work, it’s absurd. It’s the principle of the thing. That woman that sued MS because they forced her PC to upgrade to 10? That would be me if it had happened to me. And I have enough work to do than to constantly respond to MS nags to download updates…. jumping through constant hoops to trick the OS into not downloading updates would just infuriate me more. There is also zero benefit for me going to Win 10. It adds no functionality, so I don’t see the point. In fact, the UI looks like a five year old child of an MS employee made it…. I cannot see spending time and money to go to a childish looking OS.
          I’m actually thinking of going back to Win 7 from 8.1 after installing 7 on four new systems over the weekend. Boot times are definitely longer, but I leave my PC running for days, so that’s a non-issue. I don’t see any added benefit to running Win 8.1, either, except the stopping of support for 7 in 2020. I still may go back to 7 until then. If for some reason I need to clean install, I’m definitely going back to 7.
          I actually bought an RX 460 for this system and last night moved the 1050 over to a Win 7 box that I use on my big screen TV. No lockups so far out of the AMD card. I’m hoping Win 7 and the 1050 will work better.
          I also just bought a used system off of a guy to run my mom’s PC that now runs her TV so she can watch Netflix, etc without the issues she was having with her ‘smart’ tv. The guy had just installed Win 10 on it, and right in front of us while he was showing it to me it went into update mode. LOL. I ripped the HD out of it and will shelve it and use the Win10 license in 2030 when MS finally pulls the rug out from under 8.1.
          My daughter said she would try Win 10 on her new laptop 6 months ago. Last week she said she had had enough. I think she’s going to 7 this weekend if I can find drivers.
          I would switch to Linux but I don’t have the time to learn that. I really shouldn’t have taken the time to write this, but the issue is such a pet peeve of mine, it feels good to let steam off about it.
          Honestly, 98% of people don’t care about forced updates, so MS should just let the rest of us shut it off and be happy that most users are being forced. We know the importance of updating, but we also know it’s best to be prepared for it. It’s absurd MS doesn’t give power users that control. Back to MS forcing things. I could write all day.
          P.S. The pci power settings modifications from this page did solve 95% of the 1050’s issues for me, but that still left about 3 graphics card freezes and reboots per day, up from 100+.
          Thanks for the question!

        • JLTSK

          I responded in detail to this….. and it was erased. I’m not doing that again….

  • Cliff G

    A huge vote of thanks is due to you folks; I followed all of the above steps, problem is now solved. As Force G says, it is necessary to uninstall GeForce Experience, and I also found it necessary to uninstall Dell SystemProtect (stress tests hardware, checks for driver updates).

  • usman aziz

    i couldn’t see the option of power management mode of my gpu control pannel

    • Pichu Pokémon

      Try Nvidia Inspector

  • 百合の心理

    i also have this problem but the freezing just got worse from time to time.
    at first it only occur everytime when im playing ps2 emulator but when i play games like shadow of mordor or heavy stuff it doenst freeze, thats the first encounter.
    and then it become worst when it happen everytime when i play any games on my computer except ps1 emulator.
    at this point i think its because i havent clean my computer for a long time so i tried to clean it. but not too detail. just cleaning the dust on motherboard, ram, etc. but i didnt open the psu or the gpu so there might be a dust in the fan. after that the computer going well for a while until it freeze everytime. even when im only browsing internet like this it will got randomly freeze. but i will try this method and see if this work

  • WenXing Ethereal

    I cant find Disable Desktop Composition on my game properties compability tab

  • Force G

    Tried this but didn’t work. I was about to start the process of deleting the drivers and starting again with a fresh install.

    Before I did that I went to control panel/programs and features and deleted Nvidia Geforce Experience. Not only is the problem solved, but I’m happy not to have that bloated program running in the background. Computer is running so much better without it.

    • Pat

      will try this

      • Darken Rahl

        you can just exit geforce experience…

  • Khurram

    Thanks, First part solved the issue 🙂

  • Just a Puny Wanderer

    First part solved my problem. But, would it have negative effects on the Graphic card? The power saving cut in for a reason, right?

    • leftjeffa

      Same. It worked for me from the top (until and before ‘Uninstall Nvidia..’.) Good tips here, however, I was wondering the same thing about the setting change.

      Bahh, I guess I would rather play the game ‘Observer’ (the only game that caused the crash) than care about my card overheating :/ Then again, I downloaded the free ‘TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.2.0’ to monitor temp and it says my GPU temperature is only at a stable 62°C so it looks good in that regards.

      • maybe tune your fans… mine runs at 51*c maxed.. because i have 6 fans in my case and my gpu fans run at 86%

  • swamhtetnaing

    After uninstalling Nvidia Driver,My computer work normally and I opened my favourite world of warcraft game but it doesn’t happen ” Nvidia Display driver stopped working and has recovered “. Thank you so much Drivereasy!

  • JOE t

    first part did the trick thanks

  • Ali Haider

    Thanks a lot ! it worked ! 🙂

  • User

    Thanks for the steps,I think my problem is solved