Driver Easy Professional (Speed Limited) is not an official released version. It is a version that has been modified and released on the Internet by a third party, which, in some places, is called a cracked version.

We believe the Professional (Speed Limited) version was provided by some people out of good faith, and there is currently no evidence showing that Professional (Speed Limited) version will damage your system. However, we have found out that some websites have repackaged Professional (Speed Limited), with a file size that has exceeded the size that it should be. We are unable to verify if these repackaged products include other harmful software, viruses or other malware.

As we must pay for expensive server bandwidth fees, we can only offer the dedicate server with the paid Professional Version, for users to enjoy high-speed download services. All Professional (Speed Limited), Cracked and Free Version utilize a similar download server and bandwidth. Their speed is controlled on server side. 

We strongly recommend that you use our paid version. We would explain in more detail the benefits of a profession version.

1. We are always available when you are having any driver issue. The support service is always available by email. Our skillful and knowledgeable technicians are more than happy to help out. We always have the time for you to ask questions and answer them professionally. We will always send you clear and simple instructions for you to follow at your own pace. 

2. You enjoy more features, such as driver back-up and driver restore, a much faster scan and download speed, as well as a more easy-to-use program  that allows you to update all the drivers in just one click. Compared with speed limited version, professional version of Driver Easy is a much more user-friendly software. 

You can enjoy the super fast download speed and powerful features of Driver Easy Pro for only $29.95.
For more purchase details, please visit our website at

Or you can get a license key for the Pro version for FREE, by helping us improve and promote our product and website:

Go PRO and download drivers 10x faster!

Save countless hours for just , now just $29.95!




To people who have released a key-generated or cracked version of Driver Easy, we believe that you consider this a kind gesture and we respect your work.
However, this has caused some trouble on both our side and yours. We have been focusing so much on improving the quality of our product and our service to ensure a higher quality of user experience that we did little to fix the anti-crack loophole in our system in recent years. As you can see for yourself, there is a keygen released a couple of years ago and it still works well right now.
We aspire to get out from the crack and anti-crack vicious circle and focus primarily on developing more new features with the resources that we have. We wish you could understand that.
We respect your endeavors and such, and all we are asking is that the words “Speed Limited” and the link from remain on the interface of our product. We hope you could understand that the download speed limitation is a have-to-take step, since it involves the payment of a big amount of servers to guarantee a fast download speed.

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