Windows 10 Calculator Not Working [Solved]

By Sophie Luo in Technical Tips Tags: Windows 10

Windows 10 users have long been reporting the issue with launching their calculator, some users say that they can’t even launch other default apps such as text editor, calendar etc. They have no choice but to install a third party app if they want to use the If you are bothering by this problem, please try the following options to get the problem fixed. 

Option One: Get updates from Windows store
Option Two: Recreate a log in account
Option Three: Run SFC or DISM
Option Four: Uninstall default apps

Option Five: Reset your Windows 10

Option One: Get updates from Windows store

1) Press Start button, then you should be able to see the Store icon on the right side of the pane. Click the Store button. 

2) Type in the search box calculator, then choose Windows Calculator option from the list of choice. 

3) If you can see an updated version, hit the Update button to get your calculator updated. 

Option Two: Recreate a log in account

1) Hit Start button, then type in add user. Choose User Accounts.

2) Then choose Manage another account

3) Choose Add a new user in PC settings

4) Choose Add someone else to this PC.

5) Choose I don’t have this person’s sign-in information

6) Choose Add a user without a Microsoft account

7) After creating your new user account, hit Next to continue.

8) You will be able to see a new user account shown on the account window. 

9) Hit Start button, then single click the account icon. You can see that you can log on to another account. 

10) Check to see if your calculator is available on this new created account. 

Option Three: Run SFC or DISM

SFC stands for System File Checker, and DISM Deployment Image & Servicing Management. System File Checker will help you locate faulty system files and then replace them with the good ones. DISM is used when SFC cannot function well. 

For more information, please visit the page below: 

Windows 10 repair: run SFC and/or DISM. 

Option Four: Uninstall default apps

1) On Start panel, type in powershell. Then choose Windows PowerShell option from the list.

2) In the PowerShell window, type in the following command: 

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Then hit Enter

The above command will re-register all Windows 10 default apps on your computer. Wait for the process to finish and try running your Calculator again. 

Option Five: Reset your Windows 10

If none of the above methods help, you might want to consider getting your Windows 10 refresh or reinstall to get the problem fixed. 

For more detailed information, please go to the posts below:
How to refresh Windows 10? 
How to reset Windows 10? 

  • coloredpplRbloodlinejews

    This is what worked for all the laptops and desktop run C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32CFMON.EXE
    will fix the search index, Cortana, calculator, new user creation and wifi password box.

  • Rob Car

    Thanks. Option 4 worked nicely

  • Calculator will not start if it has been shut down in currency mode. The problem is all in the ini settings. But where are they?

  • Kathie

    Thank you! I didn’t even realize that I could update from the Store. My calculator would start up and all, but the Enter button would go to the settings menu instead of being the “equal” sign. I’d have to click on the equal sign with my mouse. After the update, it works!
    Thanks again for showing me how to fix this nit-picky problem.