Windows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding [Solved]

By Camilla Mo in Common Errors Tags: Windows 10
In Windows 10, when you show the full screen, you may want to hide the taskbar. You can set the taskbar automatically hide. But the frustrating thing is the taskbar won’t be hiding even if the auto-hide is enabled. If you meet Windows 10 taskbar not hiding issue, follow instructions to fix it.

First, verify the taskbar setting

If you have verified the taskbar is set to be hided automatically, skip this instruction. If not, follow steps below to verify the taskbar setting.

1. Right-click on the taskbar and select Settings on the context menu.

2. If you are using a desktop, make sure Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode is on. If you are using a laptop, make sure Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode is on.

Restart Windows Explorer

Restarting Windows Explorer will restart all of your Metro applications. This solution may solve the issue temporarily. If the issue continues, read on and try the next solution.

1. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager on the context menu.

2. In Processes tab, select Windows Explorer and click on Restart button.

Use following Workaround that May Work Like a Charm

This would be a trick to fix Windows 10 taskbar not hiding issue. It has worked for many uses who had encountered this issue. 

1. Click on SEARCH button on taskbar.

If you have SEARCH box on taskbar but not SEARCH button, click in the search box. 

2. When search window pops up, click somewhere on desktop so search window disappear. After that, the taskbar should auto-hide normally.
  • crazyrobotgirl // Emily Dark

    OMG you legend. this is so useful, especially when the taskbar is over the top of frequently used buttons in apps like photoshop.

  • Pablo Conde

    if the window you have open is not completely open, that is, its partially minimized and appears to be completely open, when you move your mouse to the bottom, the mouse will be highlighting the option to resize the window. If you maximize the window completely, you’ll be able to make the taskbar appear again

  • More Drunk

    So my taskbar was working correctly for a long time and suddenly this problem has started. When I would enter a fullscreen application the taskbar would hid and I did not have to have auto hide enabled because I wanted my taskbar visible on my desktop. No it is in front of all my fullscreen applications, and none of the fixes has worked other than autohide. I don’t like using auto hide. I would like it to work as it did before. What is wrong with windows 10?

  • Restarting Windows Explorer is not a solution, it is annoying manual temporary workaround.

  • Zachary Barnett

    thank u restarting windows explorer fixed my taskbar it was driving me insain cause i couldnt figure out how to fix it so i appreciate the help

    • Prince Randorson

      Problem is I have to do this every few days.

  • Jim

    taskbar seems to remain up when a tab has some sort of unaddressed dialog box or something open. Its frustrating because its hard to find if you have lots of tabs. MS Outlook’s “reminder” dialog keeps the taskbar up, as does things like “save changes before closing” etc… There are potentially lots of these. I wish MS would not have this design. I have lots of tabs open and I cant find the open dialog box, and the ridiculous taskbar hides program features when it is open.

    • larrybud

      Exactly. When I have VLC open, the taskbar remains visible for some reason.

    • Maave

      Yes and unfortunately there’s no way to know which application is holding the taskbar. I can close everything and still have the taskbar stuck until I restart explorer. I need some kinda taskbar inspector to stay which application has taskbar focus.

  • Matt

    The search box workaround fixed my taskbar not working. For some reason the taskbar would not go away when playing videos full-screen, and even the auto-hide option didn’t make the taskbar go away. I just had to open and close the search box as you said, and now my taskbar works as it should. I did a bunch of updates before the taskbar stopped working right, so that’s probably what the problem was.