Wi-Fi Icon Missing From Windows 10

Sophie Luo, in Network issues
Windows 10 users report that they have a problem seeing the Wi-Fi icon on their task bar even when they have good connection to the Internet. 

There could be different causes to this single problem, hence, you should try the following methods one by one until you find the correct solution for you. 

Option One: Modify notification settings
Option Two: Re-run explorer.exe 
Option Three: Fix from Group Policy
Option Four: Reinstall Network adapters

Option One: Modify notification settings

1) Follow the path: Start button > Settings > System.

2) On the left pane, choose Notifications & actions. On the right pane, choose Turn system icons on or off

3) Then slide the slider to the On position for Network option. 

Option Two: Re-run explorer.exe 

1) Right click on the task bar and choose Task Manager

2) In Process tab, find Windows Explorer option from the list (you can locate this option easier by pressing the W key), then right click it and choose End Task

If there are more than one Windows Explorer options, you need to end each one of them. 

3) Click File on the top bar and then choose Run New Task

4) In the search box, type in explorer.exe, make sure the option Create this task with administrative privileges is ticked and hit Enter

Check to see if you can see the Wi-Fi icon back to the task bar. 

Option Three: Fix from Group Policy

1) Press Windows key and R at the same time to invoke a Run command. Then type in the search box gpedit.msc and hit Enter

2) On the left pane, navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar. Then on the right pane, double click Remove the network icon

3) Now, change the settings to Not Configured or Disabled. Then click Apply and OK to save and exit. 

4) Restart your computer and see if your problem is fixed. 

Option Four: Reinstall Network adapters 

1) Go to Device Manager. Expand Network adapters, and then right click on the network adapter device driver that you have and choose Uninstall

When prompted for the confirmation, click OK to continue. 

2) Restart you computer. Open Device Manager again. Click the Action button on the top and choose Scan for hardware changes

3) Windows will help you detect your network drivers and install automatically. If the latest version of your network driver cannot be installed, you need to search for it, download it and then install it by yourself. 

If you find it costs you too much time updating the drivers by yourself, it is suggested that you choose Driver Easy. It is a program that helps you detect, download and update all the drivers needed in your computer. When you have this powerful tool, all you need to do is to click Scan Now button and then Update button to get your drivers properly installed. 

If you are looking for more features such as driver backup and driver restore as well as professional tech support, why not have a try at the professional version of Driver Easy that we offer? If you don’t find it satisfactory enough, you ca always ask for a refund thirty days within the purchase.
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  • hari krishnan

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  • hari krishnan

    My laptop pc is not showing wifi network when wifi hotspot is available