If you’ve recently upgraded your PC to Windows 10, you must be disappointed when you find out that the good old Windows Movie Maker app is nowhere to be found. This is because Microsoft has officially discontinued support for the feature. But don’t let this get you down – here we’re showing you 2 better alternative video editing apps to Windows Movie Maker. Check them out!

1. Microsoft Photos

Price: Free | Platform: Windows 10 | Best For: Amateur users and beginners

Although Windows has retired Windows Movie Maker from the newer models of Windows PCs, it doesn’t mean that it has tossed aside the whole video editing idea altogether. Instead, the feature is ensconced in the Microsoft Photos app, which you can access via a quick Cortana search.

To get started with editing, simply select the media files (photos and video) in a sequence that tells your story. After that, you can click the New video option to create the video. Once the video is created, you can then make some basic edits (such as trimming, applying 3D effects, and adding a soundtrack).

While the features in Microsoft Photos have been improved since its predecessor Windows Movie Maker, it’s still a free app that has a very limited feature set. If you want to take your film-making to the next level and let your work sing, please read on…

2. Movavi Video Editor

Price: $59.95 | Platform: Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Mac | Best For: Amateur users, enthusiasts and professionals

If you’re a budding filmmaker looking for a professional video editing app that helps you do more than basic edits, you could really give Movavi Video Editor a look.

Movavi Video Editor is a smart video editor that allows you to edit like a pro through intuitive drag-and-drop controls. By arranging the features organically, the software is uncluttered and easy to navigate. It’s packed with everything you need to turn your raw footage into an instagrammable piece.

You can import your photos and videos from a variety of sources, from smartphone, camcorder to DLSR, hard drive etc. Then you can edit your project however you want with the effects, filters, animations, transitions etc. Whether it’s a small part you want to remove, the brightness you want to crank up, the sections you want to insert or move around, or a tune you want to set the mood for your video…

Once you’re finished, you’ll have quite a slew of options to get it out. You can save it to your local computer, export it to your mobile, tablet, or 4K TV or share it via various media platforms.

If, after some experimenting on Movavi Video Editor, you find the software in lack of something you want, you can upgrade to Movavi Video Editor Plus. The premium edition includes all the functionality of the standard Video Editor, with more enhanced and new features that will wow your family and friends for sure!

Featured image by Oliver Sjöström from https://ollivves.com

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