Kodi is available on Xbox One now. It means you can use Kodi to watch TV shows, movies on Xbox One now. But how to install Kodi on Xbox One? Read on to find the solution.


How to install Kodi on Xbox One

The limitations for using Kodi on Xbox One

Install add-ons on Kodi

How to install Kodi on Xbox One

You can download and install Kodi directly from Xbox One now. Just follow the five steps below download and install Kodi on Xbox One.

Step 1. Launch Xbox One.

Step 2. Hit the Search button.

Step 3. Type kodi in the search box and then hit the Kodi icon.

Step 4. Hit the Get button. After that, Kodi will be downloaded and installed automatically onto Xbox One. Just wait until the process finishes.

Step 5. Click Launch to open Kodi.

If you can’t download Kodi on Xbox One for some reasons, you can download and install it from Microsoft Store.

The limitations for using Kodi on Xbox One

According to the Kodi team, the current version has some limitations now. For example, you cannot use Blu-ray drive to start the disk; network support is limited to only NFS:// shares. For more info, you can visit the Kodi for the Xbox One on Kodi official website.

You probably would encounter problems due to the limitations. If you found any bugs, you can submit the bugs to the Kodi team. See How to submit a bug report. The developers who involved would help fix the bugs and make Kodi work better on Xbox One.

Install add-ons on Kodi

After launching Kodi, you may find Kodi is empty. You can install add-ons to access the sources you want, like TV shows, movies and musics.

What add-ons to install?

You can choose to install the add-on you want. But if you’re not sure what add-ons you can install, you can try Exodus and Covenant, which are the popular add-ons to many Kodi users. See How to install Exodus on Kodi and How to install Covenant on Kodi.

Hopefully you find this post helpful. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave your comments below.

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