For some reasons, you may need to reset your password in Windows 10, like you may forget your password, or someone else may know your password but you don’t want them to know. If you forget your password, you can’t access Windows, but it is still possible to reset the possible. In any cases, to reset the password, just use the ways here.

Reset the password When you can log into Windows
Reset the password when You Forget the Password

Reset the password When you can log into Windows

Follow these steps:

1) Open Control Panel.

2) View by Category. (If you’ve already viewed by Category, skip this step.)

3) Click User Accounts.

4) Click User Accounts.

5) Click Make changes to my account in PC settings.

6) Click Sign-in options, then find Password section. Click the Change button.

7) Enter your Current password and click Next.

8) Enter a New password, reenter the password and enter a Password hint. 

Reset the password when You Forget the Password

There are four ways you can use to reset the password when the login screen is locked and you can’t access Windows. One of these ways should work for you.

Way 1: via Microsoft’s Website

Click here to visit Microsoft’s password reset page, then follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password. Note you will need to answer some questions and provide Microsoft account information like phone number using this method.

Way 2: Use the Password Reset Disk

This way requires you must have created a password reset disk (How to Create a Password Reset Disk in Windows 10). If you don’t have one, this method doesn’t apply to you. Try other ways.

1) Plug the password reset disk to your computer.

2) When you try to log in using a wrong password, you will get a prompt message saying The password is incorrect (see below screen). In this screen, click the OK button.

3) Click Reset password.

4) Click Next.

5) Usually, the drive is selected by default. Click Next.

6) Set a new password then click Next.

Way 3: Use the Built-in Administrator Account

Windows always has a default built-in Administrator account. In the bottom left corner of the login screen, you will see all user accounts on this computer. The name is displayed as “Administrator” if you haven’t changed it before.

1) Sign in with the built-in administrator account.

3) Open Control Panel.

4) View by Category. (If you’ve already viewed by Category, skip this step.)

5) Click User Accounts.

6) Click User Accounts.

7) Click Manage another account.

8) Choose the user that you need to change the password for.

9) Click Change the password. Then follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password for the user that you forgot the password.

Way 4: Use Third-party Windows Password Recovery Tool

If none of above ways work for you, you can use a trusted thirty-party software to reset the password. Google online then you will find a bunch of Windows password recovery software. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. Find a trusted one. 

Google with key words “Windows Password Recovery Tool“. Usually, the software with a good reputation is in the top ranks. 

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