IDT HD Audio CODEC driver in Windows 10 [Solved]

After upgrading to Windows 10 operating system, the sound is suddenly not working. You cannot hear anything coming out from your computer anymore. The strange thing is, you can still see the bar of the sound jumping up and down, but there is just no sound coming out from your speakers or the built-in microphone. 

Then you check the status of it in Device Manager, you can see a yellow exclamation mark next to it like the following screen shot: 

Then you use Windows Update trying to troubleshoot the problem and get it fixed by using Windows Update, you end up seeing the notification as below.

Just for you to see more clearly. 

If this is what you are facing now, please refer to the tutorial below to get your sound back. 

Method One: Update Driver 
Method Two: Re-install Driver 
Method Three: Use Driver Easy (Recommended)

How to fix IDT High Definition CODEC Error in Windows 10? 

Method One: Update Driver 

1) Go to Device Manager

2) Expand Sound, video and game controllers and locate your IDT High Definition Audio CODEC device.

3) Right click on this device and choose Update Driver Software…

4) Choose Browse my computer for driver software.

5) Then choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

6) Select High Definition Audio Device instead of IDT High Definition Audio CODEC device. Then click Next.

7) Select Yes in the Update Driver Warning.

8) If necessary, please restart your computer.

Method Two: Re-install Driver 

1) Go to Device Manager

2) Expand Sound, video and game controllers category and locate IDT High Definition Audio CODEC.

3) Right click IDT High Definition Audio CODEC and select Uninstall.

Select OK when the confirmation window pops up. 

4) Restart your computer after this change to make sure that Windows Update help you with the update of the driver for your audio device. 

Method Three: Use Driver Easy (Recommended)

It could be hard for you trying to find a compatible IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver for your Windows 10 operating system, so if you are not a computer savvy, it is suggested that you try this very easy and convenient way. 

There are only two steps involved, 1) Scan; 2) Update.

When the scan is done, select the audio driver that you are looking for and choose Update.

As you can see, the free version of Driver Easy is equally powerful as the paid professional version. But it is required that you install the downloaded drivers manually.

With the help of professional version of Driver Easy, all you need to do is to scan and hit the Update All button since we have already taken care of the rest of the things for you. Moreover, we have 30-day money back guarantee which allows you to get your refund if you are not satisfied with our product.

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Sophie Luo, in Sound Issues
  1. Thanks sound is back, Method one worked. Kids happy I’m happy been trying to fix this for a week. U the best 🙂

  2. Wow that was easy thanks a million. I lost my sound after I restored my machine and was getting pretty frustrated with it. Your walkthrough was so simple. Thank You for posting!

  3. Most valuable support I have received and amazingly straight forward. Not even the manufacturer’s website was half as helpful. Thank you and very much appreciated.

  4. Thank you very much fellas. I’ve been occupying with this issue for 2 days but none of those methods that are provided by other sites worked. I’ve resolved it with the first method which is presented here and it has worked.

  5. Thank You! Thank You ! Thank You! I am so grateful for your help.
    I had to do this once before many moons ago but just forgot your “secret sauce”. I am very thankful for your information.

  6. Wow you really came through for us. Steps 5 and 6 sealed the deal. I was about to revert to win 7 and am still making a backup (which I can use anyway). I owe you more than a thank you. You can marry any of my daughters when they come of age or have my wife any time you want or me if that’s more up your alley I’m still taught and spry but not like my navy days. You, cheers to you forever! Now something will probably blow up near my ear and I will become deaf but I can still bask in this moment of triumph, thanks.

  7. It is challenging to find knowledgeable people on this subject, but you sound like you know what you are talking about! Thanks

  8. I searched many, many, many websites for a solution to sound driver troubles. The step by step instructions helped me to quickly and easily fix my sound trouble. No need for downloading any drivers or codes. I just had to simply pick the right device and the instructions on this page made easy, fun, and good.

  9. Woohoo!! I’ve been stuck for three weeks then I come home and bam! First link and I’m back into my work project, this new windows update has been a nightmare!

  10. Thank you so very much. Option 1 fixed my problem. I tried contacting microsoft and they were no help, you go figure, haha. Anyway, thanks again!!!!!

  11. Thanks brother! Step 1 did the trick on my HP all in one after the Win10 Anniversary update disabled Beats audio. I’ve been searching everywhere for an answer and this is the only thing that worked, thanks again!

  12. THANK YOU SO SO SOO MUCH!!!! I tried for hours to figure this out you saved me from spending a crap ton of money to get this fixed

  13. spettacolare, ho risolto alla grande e in 1 minuto dopo 2 giorni che non ci riuscivo, e la CHICCA è che dopo la disitallazione dovevo riavviare il pc, seguito alla lettera e adesso funziona grazieeeeeeeeeee

  14. Thank you!! Problems made me reset my OS, which wiped out a lot more than it said it would with “Keep all my apps and files”, I wound up with no sound, no recording devices or microphone! Your method 1 fixed it immediately, without a restart! Thanks again!

  15. Thank you it was really Bugging me. But once again many for Helping me get this Problem sorted out Just a few easy step and Bingo Fixed ✅?

  16. I want to play Audio through my sound card so Computers can hear what I’m playing from my computer. So far all i’m getting is frustrated. The system worked perfectly when I had XP Pro so why is it so hard to do the same on Windows 7 to 10.?

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