Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 Driver Update Guide

By Jonny Lin in Driver Download Tags: Logitech

You may encounter the problem that your mouse does not work normally when you are using Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 in Windows. You need to update the driver of your device under this circumstance. If you don’t know how to update Logitech M510 driver, you can use any of the methods below to tackle it easily.

1) Update your Logitech M510 driver in Device Manager <- This method is recommended for people who cannot use their mouses.

2) Download your Logitech M510 driver from Logitech’s official website

3) Update your Logitech M510 driver with Driver Easy

1) Update your Logitech M510 driver in Device Manager

Device Manager is a tool built in Windows to help you manage your devices and drivers on your computer. Here are the steps to update Logitech M510 driver in Device Manager: 

a) Press Win + R keys, and then type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to open Device Manager.

b) On Device Manager, click on Mice and other pointing device. Right click on your Logitech mouse device under this category, and select Update driver.

*To do the step using keyboard only: Use up and down keys to locate Mice and other pointing device category and Alt + right keys to expand it. Locate your mouse and press shift + F10 to open context menu. Use arrow keys again to locate Update driver and hit Enter to open it.

c) On the update window, click Search automatically for updated driver software (Use arrow keys and Enter if you are using keyboard). The system will finish the remaining updpate job for you.

2) Download your Logitech M510 driver from Logitech’s official website

Logitech provides support software for their own products. You can download it from Logitech’s official website (if your mouse is not down). Here are the steps to do this.

a) Open Logitech support site.

b) Search m510“.

c)  Select Wireless Mouse M510 (click on the title or the More button) on the results page.

d) On the M510 support page, scroll down and click on DOWNLOAD.

e) Select the operating system you are using, and hit DOWNLOAD NOW. The installer suitable for your system will be downloaded immediately.

f) Complete the installation process. The support software of your mouse will then be successfully installed to your computer.


3) Update your Logitech M510 driver with Driver Easy

Although the methods above is not difficult to learn, they are still a little troublesome for computer novices. And the situation can be worse if you try to update multiple drivers. Sometimes it could take you a huge amount of time to identify devices in Device Manager or to find appropriate drivers on proper official websites.

Therefore, we recommend you to use Driver Easy to update your driver. Its free version can quickly find your problematic devices and download the latest credible drivers for you. With a single click of the Scan Now button, all the drivers requiring update will be shown in a few seconds. Then you can download those drivers and install them manually.

If you want your update process to be done automatically, you can try the Pro version of Driver Easy. You can update all of your drivers with a few clicks on the same window. The powerful features of this tool can also help you cope with complicated driver issues with little effort. Driver Easy can save much of your time. Why not grab the chance to keep your computer healthy painlessly?