If you encounter error “The system cannot find the file specified” when installing driver, don’t worry. The solutions here will solve the problem.

The problem would occur mostly due to a missing driver file. Even though the cause is unknown clearly, there are solutions to solve the problem. 

Solution 1: Use Antivirus software to scan your computer

The problem can be caused by some threat and antivirus. Run the antivirus software if you have one. Use it to scan your computer and clean the system if necessary.

Solution 2: Check the System Log file to locate the problem driver file

Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to C:/Windows/inf.

2. Open inf folder and find file “setupapi.dev” (In some cases, the file would be “setupapi.dev.log”.). Double-click on it to open the file. 

3. Press Ctrl key and F key at the same time to open Find box. Type cannot find the file in the search box then start the search.

4. Then the missing file will be located.

5. Drop the file into Windows/inf.

6. Reinstall the driver.

Solution 3: Install the driver using inf file

If you download the driver from manufacturer’s website and meet this problem, try these steps:

1. Exact the downloaded driver file. 

2. In the extracted folder, find the .inf file. There might be more than one .inf file. The Type of proper .inf file is “Setup Information”. 

3. Right-click on the file and select Install from the context menu. 

Note that not all .inf files are self-installer. If the .inf file does not support this method of installation, you would get a prompt message like this.

Solution 4: Uninstall the driver and reinstall the driver again

Follow steps below to uninstall a driver.


1. Go to Device Manager

2. Expand the category and locate the device you wish to uninstall. (Here let’s take uninstalling video driver for example.)
Right-click on the device name and select Uninstall on the context menu. 

3. Windows will prompt you to confirm the uninstallation. Check the box next to “Delete the driver software for this device.” then click “OK” button. 


4. After uninstalling the driver, install the driver again.

Solution 5: Update the driver using Driver Easy

If the downloaded driver is unsigned or corrupted, the problem may occur. When you update drivers manually, please make sure the driver you downloaded has no problem. If the problem persists, you can use Driver Easy to update the driver.

Driver Easy can detect all problem drivers in your computer in several seconds and give you a list of new drivers. All drivers provided by Driver Easy are official from manufacturers. With Driver Easy, you can expect that all drivers will be installed successfully. It provides Free version and Professional version. If you use Free version to update drivers, you can refer to Update Drivers with Free Version. If you use the Professional version, all you need to do is click your mouse 2 times. 

1. Click Scan Now button. After a few seconds, you will be given a list of new drivers to update.

2. Click Update All button. Then all drivers will be downloaded and installed automatically.

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