In the support website of Lenovo IdeaPad 100, it says that this laptop supports operating system “up to Windows 10 Home”. But when you upgrade it to Windows 10, you find that there are some devices on your laptop are not working as they did in previous operating systems. For example, you might not be able to hear through your speakers any more, the wireless connection goes on and off and things as such.  When you check the Device Manager to see if everything is working all right, then you see there are some devices listed under Other devices, and there is some marks next to some of your devices, such as a yellow and black question mark.  When problems occur, of course the first thing comes to your mind is to fix them right away. If you are not very familiar with any of the computer stuff, this post is exactly what you need. We will be introducing three different ways to get your Lenovo IdeaPad 100 drivers updated so as to fix your device driver problems.  Option One: Update via Device Manager Option Two: Reinstall Manually  Option Three: Update Automatically (Recommended)  Option One: Update via Device Manager Updating drivers via Windows Updates is always the easiest option when you are having driver problems. But there is no guarantee that this way is the definite solution, since Windows Update has long been reported to be unable to find the latest version of device drivers.  1) Go to Device Manager. Locate the driver that you are having problem with. For example, if your screen resolution is somewhat problematic, go check the category Display adapters. If you can see a category named Other devices, check it too. We are using Generic Non-PnP Monitor as an example. 

2) Right click the device that you are having problem with, in our case, it is Generic Non-PnP Monitor, and then choose Update Driver Software…

3) Then choose Search automatically for driver software

4) If you see notification Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date, that means Windows is not able to locate the newer version than the one that it is providing now, which means your driver problem stays.  Option Two: Reinstall Manually  This option requires you to search for, download and update the drivers manually from the support website of Lenovo. The whole process could takes some time, since it relates to the network speed and how familiar you are with the whole process.  1) Decide what drivers are needed in your computer in Device Manager. Just as described above, you can check the devices under Other devices or see if there are any suspicious symbols such as yellow exclamation mark next to certain drivers.  2) Go to the support website of Lenovo. Type in your computer model, and hit Enter 3) Then make sure you have chosen the correct operating system: Windows 10, then click Drivers & Software button.  4) Scroll down a little bit to choose the drivers that you are looking for, then click the down arrow to download it. Or you can type the name of the drivers on the keyword box and then look for them. 5) After the download, open Device Manager again. Locate the driver that you are having problems with, right click it and choose Uninstall When prompted with the confirmation, choose OK to continue.  6) Then double click the drivers that you have just downloaded from the website and run the installation. After the installation, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.  Option Three: Update Automatically (Recommended)  If the above methods are too much for you, don’t worry about it. We have a much easier and faster solution for you. Driver Easy is a product that helps you detect, download and update drivers at a speed faster than you can imagine. The well-founded driver database of it contains over eight million drivers and enables you to detect almost any drivers on your computer. Above all, it is very easy to use! Just click the Scan Now button for Driver Easy to find out what drivers are needed in your computer, then press the Update button next to the driver you want to update, and that’s it! That’s all you need to do. How easy is it!  Still bugging over your driver problems? Just give Driver Easy a shot! You will find it so rewarding.  If you are looking for more features such as driver restore and driver back, as well as a professional tech support team waiting to solve your driver problem, why not have a try at the professional version of Driver Easy? If you are not 100% satisfied with it, you can totally ask for a refund 30 days within the purchase. Why still waiting? Have a try now! 
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