If you want to update Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller drivers for Windows 10, you can search and download the latest driver online. To keep your PC stay in safe, please ensure to download official drivers from manufacturers. In this article, you will learn where you can go to download the latest Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller driver for Windows 10.

Download Drivers from PC Manufacturer

If you are using a brand computer, you can also go to the PC manufacturer’s website like HP,Acer, ASUS, Lenovo to check and download the latest Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller drivers. Before you get started, ensure that you know the PC model and the specific operating system (Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 10 32-bit). Drivers can always be downloaded in Download section or Support section of the website.

Download Drivers from Realtek 

Realtek produces Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller drivers themselves and will update the drivers if necessary. So you can go to Realtek official website to download the latest driver. Before you get started, you need to identify the network card model. It is not easy to download Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller driver in Realtek’s website, because you need to identify the controller specific model name. It is much harder if you don’t know much about computer. If you have problem downloading drivers manually, you can use a driver update tool to help you.

Download Drivers Using Driver Easy 

Driver Easy is a driver update tool compatible with Windows 10. You can use it to download Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller drivers with simple steps.

If you can have access to internet, to download Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller driver, you just need 2 clicks. First, click 
Scan Now button. If it detects that Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller driver is outdated, it will provide latest driver. Second, click Update button. Then download process will begin.

After download completes, if you are not sure how to use Free version to install the driver, refer to
How to use Driver Easy Free version to update drivers. If you want to have all drivers updated automatically, you can consider using Driver Easy Professional version. With Professional version, all drivers can be downloaded and installed with just 1 click. Besides, you will get higher download speed. Much time will be saved. 

If you can’t have access to internet due to Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller driver issue, refer to use Driver Easy Offline Scan Feature to update network drivers without internet connection

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