Fix HDMI No Sound in Windows 10

By Camilla Mo in Sound Issues

If you get HDMI no sound error in Windows 10, don’t worry. Many Windows 10 users are able to resolve this problem with one of the following solutions. You may not have to try all of the solutions. Just work from the top down until you find the one that works.

Solution1: Set HDMI Device as Default Device

If the HDMI device is not set as default device, you cannot hear the sound from HDMI output. Follow steps below to set the HDMI device as Default Device:

1) Right-click on sound volume icon in the lower right corner of Windows. A context menu will pop up.


2) Click Playback devices.

3) In the Playback tab, select Digital Output Device or HDMI option. Click Set Default and click OK. Then the HDMI sound output will be set as default.  


If you do not see the Digital Output Device or HDMI option in the Playback tab, right click on the blank place, then click Show disconnected devices and Show disabled devices on the context menu. Then set it as default device.


Solution 2: Update the Sound Driver

Your hdmi no sound problem can be caused by driver issues. To fix the problem, you can try to update the sound driver.

There are two ways you can get the right drivers for your sound card: manually or automatically.

Manual driver update – You can update your sound drivers manually by going to the manufacturer’s website for your sound card, and searching for the most recent correct sound driver. Be sure to choose only drivers that are compatible with your variant of Windows 10.

Automatic driver update – If you don’t have the time, patience or computer skills to update your audio drivers manually, you can, instead, do it automatically with Driver EasyDriver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for your sound card, and your variant of Windows 10, and it will download and install them correctly:

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

3) Click the Update button next to a flagged audio driver to automatically download and install the correct version of this driver (you can do this with the FREE version). Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system (this requires the Pro version – you’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All).

Solution 3: Check if all hardware devices work properly

If above solutions don’t work for you, broken hardware devices may be the caused. So check if all hardware devices work properly. 

1. Check if the cable has problem. Use another cable to and see if the problem resolves.

2. Check if the output port works fine. If your PC has multiple HDMI output ports, try different ports and see if the problem resolves.

3. Check if the monitor works properly. Make sure the monitor’s speaker volume is not turned down or muted. Then try connecting the monitor to another PC.


Hope the instructions here helps you resolve the problem.

  • jerry

    Worked. thanks!

  • Michael Sanft

    Mine only fails some of the time, more of an annoyance than a problem, but when it does fail, my HDTV doesn’t appear on the playback devices list, even if show disabled and disconnected devices are both on. When it happens, the only fix that works is restarting my computer. It seems like whether it works or not has something to do with how it was last disconnected (whether by unplugging, or just turning the TV off) what the display was set to when was disconnected (duplicate, extend etc.) and/or whether the computer’s playing any media when it tries to connect, but haven’t found a foolproof procedure to prevent it yet.

  • Umitalia nyan


    my sound icon litterally dissapeared from the computer after i used the repair thingy.

    restarting is probably my only choice now…
    sometimes art tablets suck especially with sound

  • Nicole Sanders

    This fix worked for me
    First of all I rebooted my laptop to get my HDMI sound working. Once rebooted I went in to Device Manager and went to my sound, video, and game controller and right clicked my high definition audio device, note that before I updated the driver it was listed as high definition audio codec. Now click on …..update driver, then select…… browse my computer, then select……. let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer. Once there I selected the option of High Definition Audio Device. Do not choose the ones that say CODEC or you will have the same problem. After this is done go back into device manager and do this for any other High Definition device under the sound, video, and game controller. Reboot.This fixed my problem that stumped me for months. Good luck and hope it works for you guys!!!!

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi Nicole Sanders,

      Thanks for yours comments. Your comment may help others as well.

    • Ahmet Elhan

      Nicole! Only this tip solved my problem after trying all the freaking stuff above and in other websites. I am gratefull. Thank you very much.

  • Kevin L.

    What pisses me off is that Microsoft can’t make their ‘dream products’ work like they should!!

  • Diontre Sanders

    Hey everyone i figured it out thank god.
    For those of you still having trouble simply update the graphics card driver, not sound , gaming , audio etc.

    So basically : windows 10
    Go to settings
    Bluetooh and other devices
    Search: audio
    Click update drivers
    Select: display adapter
    Right click ur graphic card to update
    Search automatically.
    Download= stress free

  • Cuthbert Southey

    None of these steps worked for me. So I typed ‘Drivers’ in the Start menu and I clicked on ‘Update Device Drivers’. Then I scrolled all the way down to ‘Sound, Video and Game Controllers’ and found that my ‘Display Audio’ was disabled. I enabled it and now everything is working fine.

    Edit : Prepare yourself for some tv glitches, something you’d find in ‘The Ring’ movie.

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi Cuthbert Southey,

      Thanks for you sharing. Your comment may help others as well.

  • Shane Brasher

    I have my laptop(Windows 10) hooked into my AV Reciever and my sound system stopped playing but the laptop still projected audio. Sound system would work with all other systems, but not my laptop. I had to update the audio driver associated with the laptop to fix the problem:

    >device manager
    -sound, video & game controllers
    -right click audio device associated with your computer
    -Update Driver
    -click, Search Automatically

    No restart needed!

    • Shahroze Sarfraz

      Thanks buddy… this solved my problem once for all

  • Achanta Narendra

    you are awesome Alex….

  • Lisa

    After trying as many solutions as I could to no avail, I accidentally opened “Open Volume Mixer” and discovered my sounds were all muted!!!! No idea how that happened. But I unmuted and sound is back on my TV.


  • Dale Morgan

    connecting the HDMI cable to the computer and the device (TV), then putting the computer into “sleep mode” then taking out of sleep mode – the HDMI audio now works.

    • fernando

      Dude you gotta be kidding me! that worked like a charm, thanks!

  • Jill Hascall


  • Stylµs

    Worked. Thanks for the info.

  • Sofia C. Daigneau

    Ok so I have no idea what else to do. Still no audio on my WiiU after trying all of this on my Inspiron 23 5348. Help?

  • Sandeep

    1. Connect both ends of the HDMI cable – one to PC and the other to TV
    2. Put the computer to sleep and then bring it back up again.
    3. In the volume -> playbackDevices view, now you can see the entry for the TV connected thru HDMI

  • Eugene Tapley

    bs used this and crashed my pc on going fix and investigation on this.

  • Souvanxay TingLan Viyalath

    thank you very much

  • Keith Palmer

    sorry, meant to ask Grace… what worked for you? I’d like to try to emulate. Thanks.

  • Gamesfan

    Absolutely no luck, I’ve tried everything.
    I have a few devices that are registered as unplugged but that would make no sense, besides, they’re from actual speakers I tested once I believe.
    Monitor is at 100% as well as my PC, I’ve messed with the settings too, to see if I was just trying to make it play something it couldn’t handle, no luck there either.
    I doubt it’s the cable since it works fine outside of sound, and it worked before when I first got the monitor (I didn’t want it playing out the monitor so I disabled it but I should’ve been able to turn it back on)

    Ultroman’s suggestion obviously wont work since this has been an issue for over a week now.

    • Gary Hampson

      Try reinstalling your Graphics card driver (In my case it was on my intel laptop). If you read on the intel website the audio is part of it. The newest ones I tried wouldnt install until I picked an older one about the same age as my laptop.

      • Gamesfan34260

        No, I think it’s just the monitor is garbage.
        I tried on my laptop and desktop but nothing.
        Other devices with audio capability work fine but the monitor itself decided randomly to not produce sound.

    • Diontre Sanders

      Hey everyone i figured it out thank god.
      For those of you still having trouble simply update the graphics card driver, not sound , gaming , audio etc.

      So basically : windows 10
      Go to settings
      Bluetooh and other devices
      Search: audio
      Click update drivers
      Select: display adapter
      Right click ur graphic card to update
      Search automatically.
      Download= stress free

      Hey everyone i figured it out thank god.
      For those of you still having trouble simply update the graphics card driver, not sound , gaming , audio etc.

      So basically : windows 10
      Go to settings
      Bluetooh and other devices
      Search: audio
      Click update drivers
      Select: display adapter
      Right click ur graphic card to update
      Search automatically.
      Download= stress free

  • Camilla Mo

    Hi Grace,

    I am glad that it worked for you.

    • Keith Palmer

      What worked? it’s not clear. please let us know

  • Ultroman

    To the people for whom nothing seems to work:

    Many computers just don’t register the audio-part, when connecting a screen while the computer is turned on. You must restart the computer. Some even need to be turned completely off, and then on again.

    BEFORE turning on the computer, make sure that the HDMI-cable is plugged in both ends, AND that the screen is on.

    • I’ve had luck with the restart method if its an issue that happened after nothing was unplugged and no settings were changed. Sometimes if you put your cpu to sleep and then turn it back on first, without turning on the monitor/tv at the other end of the HDMI cable, it resorts back to the laptop screen as default audio/video.

    • Omar

      The problem solved by restart
      Thank you

    • Irene Lem

      This works perfectly, thanks Ultroman!

  • Mike

    I have the same problem Boris Coznov, my ideaPad 510 was updated to windows 10 & lost HDMI sound, even on Show disconnected or Disabled devices HDMI component is nonexistent, drivers have been updated twice still nothing. No drivers malfunctioning or needing to be installed present according to system. Any ideas?

    • iTz_JoaoZinho

      Have you solved your problem, becuase im having the same freaking issue, Help me please

      • Mike

        I did solved the problem and not sure how. All I did was reinstall drivers of my graphic card and it fixed itself. Try if u have a specific card.

        • Camilla Mo

          Hi Mike,

          I’m glad to know the problem resolved.

  • Boris Coznov

    Weird. The “Show disconnected/disabled devices” option brings up absolutely nothing. I cannot figure this out.

    • iTz_JoaoZinho

      Have you solved your problem? because im having the same freaking issue. help me, thanks

  • Daniel Munguia

    That or go to device manager and locate the malfunctioning driver. Update or roll it back.

  • NicJS

    Brilliant. It helped with my problem ‘AMD HDMI output not plugged in windows 10’. I was able to fix it with the second solution.

  • Van Gibson

    “If you do not see the Digital Output Device or HDMI option in the Playback tab, right click on the blank place, then click Show disconnected devices and Show disabled devices on the context menu. Then set it as default device.”

    Thank you, exactly the information that I need.

  • debguitar

    saved a lot of shit. did the usual stuff. funny, but w10 w0uldn’t sign 0n this am. F8

  • Adam Laney

    Thank you! I messed around with it thanks to your help and its back to working again! My hero today!

  • Arun

    Lovely, this worked like a charm! Thank you!

  • Fernando

    Thank you so much !! Your tweak to have my HDMI connected to my tv worked beautifully. !!!

  • Patrick Helmers

    Had this issue with a inspiron 13-7359. Plugged in a VGA monitor into a HDMI adapter and got no sound. Set the default as recommended and Ta Da, it worked. Great advice thank you

  • Venkatesh

    problem solved in acer with by making default setting. Thanks guys.

  • John

    Hi Guys. Great. Just reset my audio default to my PC speakers instead of the monitor. Works a treat !

  • Narayana bhat

    I also faced this problemin Acer that issue is solved. Thank you guys.

    • Sherry

      I also have a Asus Laptop but cant seem to fix the issue. How did you get it to work?


        go to volume icon . click right . Go to sound and select loptop sound

      • Ultroman

        Many computers just don’t register the audio-part, when connecting a screen while the computer is turned on. You must restart the computer. Some even need to be turned completely off, and then on again.

        BEFORE turning on the computer, make sure that the HDMI-cable is plugged in both ends, AND that the screen is on.

  • Natsu

    +rep. thank you

    • eagertrader

      I try to figure this out and finally did. In Windows 10 go to: Device Manager > Sounds, video and game controllers > Intel (R) Display Audio. Click on the [Driver] tab and then click on the [Update Driver] box. Update the driver and audio should be restored through your HDMI connection. It worked for me and I immediately got the sound on my TV (had my laptop connected to my flat screen through an HDMI cable). Hope it works for you as well.

  • Dave

    omg thanks for this article… I never thought of right clicking on the playback tab to see disabled devices. You guys rule.

  • Newtowindows10


  • Ian M

    I’ve just solved my problem of no sound via HDMI on Windows 10 on an Acer E5-571 laptop.

    On several previous occasions I had tried reinstalling Intel (R) HD Graphics Famly without it solving the problem.

    This time I (re)installed the Intel Chipset Driver first and then reinstalled Intel (R) HD Graphics Famly and the cause of the trouble (Microsoft’s HD Audio Device) had disappeared and my TV showed up as a device for audio playback with sound on the HDMI connection.

  • skarlette

    I just disabled my laptop speakers and then the sound was automatically transfered into my tv. I hope it helps

    • Valentino

      this helped. thank you.

    • Farez

      Simple but works ! Thumbs up bro !

    • Ben

      Thank you for posting your fix. Spent hours trying to figure this problem out and just disabling the speakers worked perfectly. Only other thing I had to do was unplug my hdmi cable and plug it back in to make it work.

    • Nayem Alam

      bro your idea works great!! thanks so much.

  • Ziraqus

    had this problem for few days now but it was fixed after i followed your steps

    Thanks alot!

  • Shiva

    I have Lenovo note with Windows 10 and Samsung smart TV. I had similar audio issue when HDMI cable is connected and Samsung audio was not detected by default.

    Driver refresh could not help either. Then I just restarted my system after updating my audio driver in Device Manager and it worked so great!

    • Ed

      Worked perfectly for me too – Lenovo thinkpad and windows 10

  • Ivana

    Thanks, you saved my day! 🙂

  • Chris Hachmann

    For my computer I needed to disable digital driver signing. Apparently for some reason when I did windows update, windows suddenly stopped recognizing my audio driver.

  • Ken J

    Updated Intel graphics drivers (Asus ux305fa) and it’s fixed. Intel has a program you download, scans your system and downloads drivers you need. Just follow steps. Spent way too much time looking at audio drivers…..smh!

    • Katie M.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! This worked for me!

    • james

      great suggestion. it fixed this exact issue for my asus ux305. thx

      • Robbie

        I have an Asus Q302U, and i am having trouble with hooking up soundto HDMI as well, i have gone and tried to look for updates, but i am not exactly sure. Any way you could help me out

    • Raza Bhojani

      Updated all my audio/sound drivers and it did the trick. Thanks!

    • nate

      The intel utility did not find any drivers for me, however i went to the asus website and found an intel hd graphics driver and installed that and now i have audio thrugh the hdmi port :D:D

  • Liz

    After 3 months of trying to fix this, I tried this and it worked: Switch on tv, plug in HDMI lead to TV only and switch off. Then power up laptop and plug in HDMI lead, switch on tv and you should have sound on tv. The HDMI option was finally showing in laptop playback options!

    • Wassim

      Thanks, helped alot

    • Darrel

      Thanks Liz, it worked! I will create a “cheat sheet” with your sequence to success! Cheers, Darrel

    • Vin

      Thank you Liz, I had written this sequence on a piece of paper a while back but lost it, glad I found someone else who had got the sequence right. worked perfectly ! Now this is gonna die with my grave 🙂 Windows 10 issues !

    • Glenn

      Thanks Liz!!

    • MB

      I have this issue for months Liz’s solution saved my life. Thanks Liz.

    • asia

      this worked for me when all else failed!!!!!
      thank you

    • khawkey

      FINALLY! It worked. thanks so much

    • Jane

      Many thanks! Liz, it works with my TV as well! You save my life!

    • CHEW

      Damn!! U saved my ass
      Thx u so much!!

    • Cindy

      Thank you!!!! This was the only thing that fixed my no sound problem!

  • Ian

    I went to recording devices right clicked sound card and updated the driver. comp restarted and problem of no hdmi connection was fixed

  • Van D Man

    Windows 10 sucks! You can’t even easily restrict the windows update without huge workaround. It destroys your language/keyboard settings as well… Wake up, Microsoft, do a better job!

  • James E Teer

    Just fixed mine the unconventional way. My sound card does not support HDMI output…that’s why my playback did not show a HDMI device connected when I went through the above steps. Just got a stereo mini jack and went from headphone jack to mini jack port on back of soundbar….and Walla….works great….Sadly after checking all the resouces that most of you probably have…this was the fix. My Lenovo did not have a

    driver update for a win 10 hdmi drivers.

    • Ultroman

      Not “Walla”

  • RichardB

    Thank you to Shaun Lovell for message above.

    I had assumed that the sound went out through the HDMI cable and would be played through the speakers of whatever you connect it to, as that is how it seemed in windows 8. However, I now realise that the first time you connect it to a new device you have to right click the sound icon and set that new device to default. Having done that once, it works automatically next time you connect it.

  • Kim

    I don’t see the HDMI option at all when I right click on the playback devices, just the realtek speakers. The picture works on the tv screen, just no volume.

    This is a new laptop with windows 10, so I don’t know if it’s windows 10 or the laptop. Any help gratefully accepted!

    • nicole

      yeah mine too the picture works properly, but the sign of the volume has X on it and also has no sound.And can’t find the HDMI and when i’m going to the device manager and checking the playback device it doesn’t have anything on it and actually i also can’t click the set default, configure,properties and apply 🙁 can someone please help me to fix my laptop , also my laptop is just upgraded to windows 10 and it’s also old but before i upgrade it the sounds is working properly without any problems

  • Tibo

    When I go to the ‘playback’ all it shows is the ‘Device’ speakers and nothing else.

    • Aamrapali

      Me too! No other option gets detected in Playback Devices except the laptop’s internal speakers! And I’ve made sure there are no hidden or invisible devices. This is true even when external USB powered speakers are connected, they are not detected. The speakers are otherwise fully functional on other devices. This issue has suddenly cropped up only since the update. So I guess the port is not faulty. OS is the culprit.

  • jesse

    this was my exact problem. for someone who is less tech savy than some people i know, thanks for the tip

  • kevinf

    Thanks for the guidance. You put me on the right track and I suspect that others will have the exact same issue. My drivers were up to date, the test buttons actually successfully tested the speakers on my flat panel even though Netflix was still mute so I knew that HDMI was working properly. The clue you gave me was the default buttons. I clicked on the flat panel speakers as the default and it immediately worked. The headphone jack was the default and only the headphones worked. Before this new win 10 massive update I never messed with the defaults and when the headphones were plugged in they would work and as soon as I pulled them out(or was not plugged in at all) the HDMI port would kick in and switch to the hdmi speakers. So the new update appears to not do the switch over, which I consider a bug. What ever the default is is what will play. I think that means that if I want to use the headphones I will have to go out to that setting and manually change the default to headphone jack. At least I know where to go to make it work.

    • meg

      Thanks KevinF….the default setting fixed our problem.

      Strange thing was that there was sound available on ABC and SBS streaming, but not netflix or commercial channels.

  • Alexis

    YaY this was easy and helpful thank you.

  • wertert

    it did not solve my, since win 10 is crappy

    • Rabah

      Hey can you check if you have the microphone muted lol, i had a similar issue and it was caused by the microphone that was muted.

  • Amber

    When I connect the HDMI from the laptop to the TV, the sound does not work and while plugged in it says it’s not. This occurred when Windows automatically updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It worked perfect when it was Windows 7.

    • Chris Hasick

      Remember to update your video drivers!

  • MT

    Julia, I have the same problem as you. Did you get yours fix? If yes, can you tell me how. Thanks.

  • Julia

    The HDMI option on my computer is just like the top one in your example, showing it unplugged when it is plugged in. Video works just fine. What do I do? I’m not showing any other options. Acer running Windows 10 connected to a Sylania HDTV with an HDMI cable. Trying to get sound through the TV

    • Damir

      Hay. How did you resolve your problem with sound. I have the same is working but sound no

      • JH

        I now have the same problem, any updates? HDMI video running fine, but no HDMI digital audio devices detected at all!

        • Scott

          I’ve got a solution.

          Right click on the AMD HDMI audio out. Click on preferences and then in Generel “information about controller” you click on preferences aswell (my version is on Danish, so I’m not sure this is exactly what they are called in the English version). Then “Preferences for AMD High Definition Audio Device” opens. Here you click on the “Change settings” button, then the same window opens, but in administrator mode. Then you click on the fan “Driver” and then click on “Cancel uppdate”. This will go back to the previous sound driver that worked.
          this is a solution that worked for me that i found on a different fourm

  • Shaun Lovell

    Tank you. Bang on except that it’s worth noting that the HDMI sound selection may only appear while the output is connected to the computer.

  • lillian

    It worked! TY! Been trying to fix this for ages.

  • Ali

    ek number!!!! i have been tryin to resolve this since ages…. thanks Budd… it works~

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