Driver Easy Version 5.0.5 Released

Driver Easy Version 5.0.5 has been released. Please upgrade your program to the latest version.Improvement and changes in Version 5.0.5:Changed the description of Driver Status displayed in the main interfaceChanged the text displayed in top of the Update pageImproved the “i” icon to be clickable to see detailed driver informationRemoved the 3 color driver status indicator, as […]

Driver Easy Version 5.0.2 Released

Driver Easy 5.0.2 has been released. Please download it and upgrade Driver Easy to the latest version. You can expect a better user experience from this version.  Version 5.0.2 is much better than the first version, as some bugs have been fixed, and two new languages are added. This version supports English, Deutsch, Portuguese and Italian. And some other languages […]