7.5 Offline Scan


Driver Easy provides you safety Offline Scan for computers which has not internet access. Driver Easy lets you save a driver analysis file on a computer without an Internet connection, and helps you to download driver from an Internet-enabled computer. Offline Scan feature provides you an easy and fast way to locate the most accurate network driver for your computer.


Step 1: Open Driver Easy > Tools > Offline Scan


Step 2: Choose Offline Scan and Click Next to specify the location where the file are saved. And then click Offline Scan to continue.


Step 3: Driver Easy would take seconds to scan out the driver you need. Once the Offline scan file has been saved, Click Ok to finish Offline Scan.


Download Network card driver after making Offline Scan

1. Open Driver Easy on the computer with internet access and click Tools > Offline Scan.


2. Please choose Upload Offline Scan File (on the computer with internet access) and then click Next to browse the Offline Scan File.


3. Driver Easy would take seconds to scan out the drivers. After scan out the driver you need, Click Download button to choose to save it to the USB hard drive, click ok button to begin downloading.